Ridiculing Tyrants is One of the Most Effective Ways to Strip Away Their Power

Ridiculing tyrants is one of the most effective way to strip away their power. People won’t put up with tyrants if they can see that they are tyrants, and ridicule is one of the best ways for people to be able to take in the fact that the Neocons are tyrants.

Why is ridicule so effective? Because ridicule can slip past people’s defense mechanism and persuade all the different parts of their brains at once.

Once you realize that they have failed even on their own terms, you can start to see how easy it might be to ridicule Bush, Cheney and the other anti-American Neocons.

Please note:
Do it in a good-natured way . . . it is more effective than mean-spirited ridicule. In other words, balance negativity with humor.

If you need help coming up with ways to ridicule these guys, start here, or watch any episode of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”.

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