Letter to the Democratic Leadership

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid, Chairman Conyers, and other leaders of the Democratic Party:

We, the American people, know that your motivation in taking the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney “off the table” is to ensure victory in the 2008 elections.

Further, we know that you hope that – by letting Bush and Cheney run amok between now and the swearing in of the new President – you hope to ensure that the Democrats win “for a generation”.

But please note that your game of “political cycles” cannot work if there is not a functioning country to run.

You have been trapped in a Washington bubble, and have badly misjudged what is really happening. In fact, history will condemn you for destroying the United States of America.

Specifically, when the history books are written, they will blame you for allowing the following for occurring on your watch and with your complicity:

  • Shredding of the Bill of Rights, and destruction of the freedoms which our forefathers fought and died for
  • Torture
  • The launching of unnecessary, illegal wars based upon lies, which have bankrupted our country, created enemies around the world, and severely weakened the ability of our country to defend itself
  • Elevating vote fraud to a fine art
  • Condoning and then covering up false flag terror

Yes, we know . . . you will say “but the Neocons did it! We couldn’t stop them!”

But as Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley told Keith Olbermann: America’s founders “would have been astonished by the absolute passivity, if not the collusion, of the Democrats in protecting President Bush from impeachment”.

Future generations will be astounded as well.

And we also know that you are largely serving a different master than the American people.

Rather than being clever strategists on behalf of the Democratic party, rest assured that you will be viewed by history as traitors of the first order, leaders of the Vichy Congress, and co-conspirators in the destruction of the United States.


The American People.

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