Questions about the Anthrax Suspect and His Interactions with Mental Health Professionals

The allegations about the anthrax suspect and his interaction with mental health professionals raise several questions:

  • Why would a top bioterror expert go to a fresh-out-of-school sociologist, a group addiction counselor, as opposed to an experience psychiatrist or psychologist? Why would he talk about homicidal tendencies in a group counseling session, as opposed to a private session?
  • How could someone committed to a mental institution on the basis that he was a likely mass murderer and a danger to himself and others simply “sign himself out” of the mental institution?

Watch this must-see report on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

It is possible that Ivins is, in fact, the anthrax killer. The FBI needs to present its full case to the public before that can be determined once and for all. But the evidence presented so far by the FBI is not very impressive.

Update: FBI agents strongly suggested to the social worker that she file court papers to obtain a restraining order against the anthrax suspect (it wasn’t even her own idea).

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