What Do the Top Financial Advisors Suggest for 2009?

Here’s a round up of what some of the top investment advisors who predicted the financial crisis are suggesting for 2009:

PhD economist Marc Faber suggests buying gold (and gold miners), silver, platinum, and industrial commodities, massively shorting long-term treasuries at the appropriate time, and – if one wants to buy stocks – to buy some resource company stocks such as Freeport McMoran, and some Asian stocks (but selling out of stocks at the top of the bear rally).

Jim Rogers likes agricultural and oil stocks.

Fund manager Peter Schiff thinks gold will go through the roof as runaway inflation kicks in and – as usual – urges people to buy stocks in solid, dividend-paying companies in Europe and Asia.

PhD economist Gary Schilling suggests the following:

1. Sell homebuilder stocks and bonds.

2. If you plan to sell your house, second home or investment houses anytime soon, do so yesterday.

3. Sell some housing-related stocks.

4. Sell some consumer discretionary spending companies.

5. Sell most commercial real estate.

6. Sell some commodities.

7. Sell emerging market equities.

8. Sell emerging market debt.

9. Buy the dollar.

10. Sell stocks in general. (S&P 500 to 600)

11. Sell consumer lenders’ equities.

12. Buy, carefully, high-grade bonds.

And its always worthwhile to look at what Mish is thinking.

Note: I am not an investment advisor and this should not be taken as investment advice.

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