Poll: Do You Think Geithner is Worse than Paulson, Better, or More of the Same?

Leading economists have said that Geithner’s actions are just more of the same. For example, Paul Krugman says that “Tim Geithner, the Treasury secretary, has persuaded President Obama to recycle Bush administration policy”.

In fact, Geithner is throwing a lot more money at the banks, hedge funds and other bigs than Paulson did.

Do you think that Geithner is worse than Paulson, better than Paulson or about the same?

Final Poll Results:

Yes, he’s worse than Paulson.
113 (13%)
No, he’s better than Paulson.
25 (3%)
They’re about the same.
56 (6%)
They all serve the same financial elites, so it doesn’t matter who the Treasury secretary is.
617 (76%)
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