We Asked for Change. But After Giving Trillions, We Only Get Chump Change

Change would be canceling the CDS contracts or at least cramming them down to a small dollar amount.

Chump change is putting up a trillion dollars of taxpayer dollars to buy CDS and other toxic assets.

Change would be stopping all bailouts to CDS counterparties, banks and other failed financial giants, and forcing the people who made money through illegal schemes give it back to the American people.

Chump change is making a big show about reducing a couple of hundred million in bonuses.

Change would be prosecuting Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Treasury and SEC regulators who let the financial giants cook their books, and all of the other clowns who broke every law in the book.

Chump change is throwing Madoff – and no one else – in jail.

Change would be immediately withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, and announcing that the U.S. will no longer launch any imperial wars.

Chump change is escalating the Afghanistan war, launching more drones into Pakistan, leaving “only” 50,000 troops in Iraq, and leaving Cheney’s foreign-leader-assassination-team in place.

We asked for change. But after trillions of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars have been frittered away, all we’re getting is chump change.

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