Instead of Bailing Out Mainstream Newspapers, How About Bailing Out Real Journalists?

Congress is again making noises about bailing out the newspaper industry.

But the mainstream papers – other than a select few, such as McClatchy – were largely cheerleaders for the Iraq war, and covered up (or – as in the case of the New York Times – delayed for a year so the story would not effect elections) crimes like illegal spying on Americans.

Instead of bailing out lapdogs for the government and mouthpieces for the wealthy, how about giving seed money to alternative journalists who actually report the news without pulling punches?

There are hundreds of alternative news sites and thousands of hard-hitting investigative journalists who are struggling to make ends meet (you’ve seen their “please contribute” posts), who put out more real “news” than all of the mainstream papers put together.

If the government is going to bail out anyone, they should bail out them.

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