Tyler Durden on Quant Dynamics

Given that I frequently lambast credit default swaps, you might be surprised to see me sing the praises of a CDS trader.

But Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge – whose day job was as a CDS trader – is well worth reading. Durden is sharp as a tack, has access to technical info, and has good industry contacts.

SeekingAlpha and NakedCapitalism have started running Durden’s blogs, and now even Nouriel Roubini is linking to Durden’s blog entitled “The Incredibly Shrinking Market Liquidity, Or The Upcoming Black Swan Of Black Swans“.

I urgently believe that over-the-counter CDS should be cancelled and “naked CDS’ should be banned. But I also recommend reading Durden’s analysis at ZeroHedge.

Although a former CDS trader, Durden is one of the good guys.

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