Propaganda: Not Limited to Fox News

History professor Joseph A. Palermo writes at Huffington Post:

Somewhere behind Glenn Beck’s talking points there is real thinking going on. No one should dismiss Beck as a hack or “entertainer.” He is a propagandist…

The television and radio producers behind Beck’s shows are bright, highly educated Republican strategists at FOX News who are expert at calculating each talking point for the host to pull on the jingoistic heartstrings of his viewers. And it works…

Beck’s good at what he does. I’m sure his viewers get fired up during every show.

I agree with Palermo.

Liberals like Huffington and Palermo are good at spotting propaganda on the right.

But Palermo’s point applies to the left as well.

For example, polls show that Obama is very popular. With his quick smile and relaxed-but-intelligent personality, people still believe that Obama will bring change.

But – contrary to my hopes when I voted for him – his actions show that he is not going to bring change. Just like Beck, Obama is acting like a carefully scripted actor who is an expert at pushing people’s emotional buttons.

In fact, Obama is continuing Bush’s policies regarding torture, spying, indefinite detention without trial, war and economic policy.

Propaganda is not limited to Fox News.

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