Should We Invest In Geriatric Healthcare in Germany and the U.S. and Youth-Oriented Companies in China, India and Brazil?

Populations in Germany and the U.S. are aging, while those in China, India and Brazil are quite young (see this).

Does that mean that sectors which cater to the elderly – like geriatric healthcare – will boom in Germany and the U.S. (leading trend forecaster Gerald Celente thinks so), while sectors that cater to youth – such as baby products, fancy tennis shoes and gizmos – will boom in China, India and Brazil?

Even if true, knowing which companies to invest in is – as usual – the trick.

And the above assumes that an extended bear market will not supress all stock values for years to come (that is, that the current bear rally will not end with a huge crash in all stock prices).

Note: I am not an investment advisor and this should not be taken as investment advice.

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