In 2008, British Intelligence Concluded that the Afghanistan War Is Unwinnable . . . No Matter How Many Troops Were Sent In

Obama was warned . . .

As I wrote in November 2008:

Veteran journalist Tariq Ali said this morning that the war in Afghanistan is lost.

Specifically, he said that British intelligence has concluded that – no matter how many troops are sent in – the war is already lost and is unwinnable in the future.

Ali also said that, should Obama follow through on his campaign promise to send more troops into Afghanistan, it would be a foreign policy blunder as big as Bush getting us into Iraq.

Specifically, Ali told Democracy Now:

Once [Obama] is in power and sees the intelligence reports coming in from Afghanistan, he will realize that that’s not a serious option. I mean, the British are already saying that sending in more troops isn’t going to help, because the war is lost. The United States intelligence agencies are already involved in panic discussions with the people they are fighting, the neo-Taliban, to try and persuade them to join the coalition, which they’re refusing to do as long as there are foreign troops there. So, escalating the war I don’t think is a serious option. And if he does it, it will be a very, very serious mistake, on the same level in scale as invading Iraq.

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