Sick Rationalization By Pedophile Priests

The Australian notes:

In an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly, Bishop Robinson [the former auxiliary bishop of Sydney] says boys suffered more than girls at the hands of pedophile priests partly because they were more available to them, with nuns tending to play a greater role in the religious education of young girls.

There was also a view among some offenders with whom he had worked that a priest’s celibacy vows weren’t broken if a boy was involved.

“We’ve met it often enough to see it as a factor,” he tells the magazine, out today. “That’s what the vow of celibacy refers to, being married. If it’s not an adult woman, then somehow they’re not breaking their vow.”

In other words, some priests justify pedophelia by convincing themselves that molesting kids doesn’t violate their vows of celibacy.

Bishop Robinson was himself sexually abused as a boy, and so he is more willing to speak out than many.

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