“There is No Future in Actually Fixing a Problem … The Way to Permanent Electoral Success is to PRETEND to Fix the Problem”

Not only is Congress bought and paid for by the powers that be, but politicians have a built-in conflict of interest against actually solving problems.

As a reader notes in the most cynical – but perhaps insightful – summary of U.S. politics I have seen recently:

This is the way of Washington. There is no future in actually fixing a problem, as that’s a one election cycle boost.

The way to permanent electoral success is to pretend to fix the problem, which you can run on for one cycle; let the problem occur again, which you can run on fixing for another cycle; if called out about not fixing the problem the first time, pull out the all purpose answer “we didn’t go far enough”; and each “fix” makes the bureaucracy (your minions) bigger and bigger.

Its all kabuki theater to keep the issue alive, get re-elected, and gain more power & money by ever expanding bureaucracy. Actually solving problems is a dead-end.

Of course, there are some notable exceptions, such as Alan Grayson, Brad Sherman, Ted Kaufman, Bernie Sanders, Marcy Kaptur, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. But the exceptions only prove the rule.

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