I’m Back, Part-Time … And Thinking About Launching a Radio Show

Thank you for the many kind words of support.

You have persuaded me not to hang up my jersey altogether…

I will try to post when I can, although work and family commitments will prevent daily posting (readers who post my articles to Digg, Reddit and other social networking sites are greatly appreciated. That encourages me to write more, as it spreads my writing more widely).

If Reuters, Bloomberg, Huffington Post or another large news organization hired me, I might switch day-jobs, which would mean I could write a lot more.

Also, I’m considering starting a radio show, as I can talk faster than I can write, and as I would like to interview more high-level experts.

I have an insatiable curiosity about just about everything, and a deep background in such diverse areas as science, law, music and anthropology (I was an adjunct professor in one of those subjects).

I am also very good at interviewing, and have chatted with PhD economists, high-level military officials, scientists, whistleblowers, and everyone else under the sun.

And I’ve repeatedly been told that I have a great “radio voice”.

I could bring in a lot of listeners if a media company such as HuffPost wants to expand into radio, or if Bloomberg or Reuters want to expand their programming.

Or – if I launch my own stand-alone radio show – a regular sponsor could reach a lot of listeners for a modest advertising fee.

I was born to do this … just need someone to take a chance. I could guarantee a loyal audience.

*Special thanks to Ted for all your support posting to social networking sites.

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