Larry Summers “Basically Doesn’t Believe in the Government Helping Small Business” … Will His Replacement Be More of the Same?

Everyone knows that Larry Summers helped the big Wall Street players and shafted small businesses. And so this shouldn’t make me mad, because it’s not news.

But reading Jonathan Alter’s confirmation in his new book The Promise, infuriates me:

“The inability to pivot in 2010 to a single-minded focus on jobs was a by-product of what one senior aide called “dysfunction” between Emanuel, Summers, and Axelrod. Rahm had always admired Larry, but he was becoming exasperated with his failure to give him a jobs plan he could sell. ‘Week after week, Rahm would say, ‘Let’s explore this’ or ‘How about that?’ and Larry would slow-walk everything,’ recalled one senior advisor. ‘He basically doesn’t believe in the government helping small business‘.”

If we don’t demand that Summers’ replacement as Director of the National Economic Council helps Main Street, the new boss will be same as the old boss.

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