BP “Worked Hand in Glove with [the Mubarak] Dictatorship”

As if there weren’t enough reason to hate BP for trashing the Gulf, BP has apparently been supporting Egyptian dictator Mubarak as well.

As the Guardian notes:

BP has been criticised by the non-governmental organisation Platform, which claims the oil company had with other British and American oil companies “worked hand in glove with dictatorship.”

The environmental and social justice group also said Hesham Mekawi, the BP Egypt chairman, has praised “the stability of the country” and claimed BP had allowed the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo – of which it is a member – to put pressure on US Congress not to support a recent motion calling on Mubarak to hold fair elections and respect human rights.


BP has made Egypt one of its top priorities after a major gas find in the Nile Delta last summer. It hopes to more than double its oil and gas production to over 320,000 barrels a day – almost a tenth of its global output.

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