Obama Is Treating the Dictator in Egypt Exactly Like He’s Treating the Tyrants on Wall Street

Al Jazeera tweets:

Barack Obama says he’s praying that violence in Egypt will end but still hasn’t called for Mubarak to quit.

However, the violence won’t end until Mubarak and his cronies are out of office. By failing to demand the tyrant that the U.S. has propped up for decades resigns, the U.S. is ensuring continued violence.

This reminds me of how the American government has dealt with the giant banks.

As I wrote last September:

Fed chief Ben Bernanke told the financial crisis inquiry commission today:

If the crisis has a single lesson, it is that the too-big-to-fail problem must be solved


Too-big-to-fail financial institutions were both a source … of the crisis and among the primary impediments to policymakers’ efforts to contain it ….

That’s funny, given that Bernanke has been one of the biggest defenders of the too big to fail banks, arguing strenuously against breaking them up, throwing trillions of dollars their way, and begging the banks to play nice with one hand, while patting them on the back with the other hand and giving them a big wink.

(Of course, the same applies to Obama, Geithner, Summers et al.)

Having Mubarak and the other Egyptian tyrants in office is the problem (and see this), just like letting the giant banks grow as large and ready to blow as supernova-size stars is the problem.

Democracy is the solution for Egypt, just like having more, smaller banks is the solution for America’s economy.

The failure to transition to these solutions is creating a staggeringly high body count in Cairo, and a staggeringly high unemployment rate in America.

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