Website Design: Clean and Crisp … Or Too Minimalist?

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for help with website re-design and SEO. I’ve received for assistance from some very cool people.

We here at Washington’s Blog have the collective web design skills of a single blind mole. So when we received conflicting design advice, we thought we better get some input from your, our loyal readers.


One person said the site is “too minimalist” and “too monochromatic”:

The big design critique I would have with your current design is not only that it is perhaps too overly minimalistic, but it is also monochromatic. In spite of enjoying your blog, I have a hard time following some of the entries due to a lack of use of headers throughout the content to help break up the content and that everything is largely closely the same color … If we add subheaders to your content and have them be a color that is slightly different than the content I think it will look much better …

Another said:

No matter what, please keep the site looking as clean and crisp as it does now.

Please let us if you think the site is “clean and crisp” or “too minimalist” and “too monochromatic”.

And while you’re at it, let us know if you think the site should change over to more of a news site with links to other people’s articles and a few original posts, or stay primarily with original content.

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