Don’t Let Troy Davis Die In Vain

Troy Davis: An Innocent Man Is Executed

Former FBI director William Sessions wrote that there were “pervasive, persistent doubts” about Troy Davis’ guilt:

Serious questions about Mr. Davis’ guilt, highlighted by witness recantations, allegations of police coercion, and a lack of relevant physical evidence, continue to plague his conviction.

7 of the 9 witnesses who pointed at Troy Davis recanted their testimony under oath, – many alleging police coercion – and several witnesses recently pointed to the real killer. (Apparently, Mr. Davis was guilty of one crime – driving while black.)

Everyone from former president Jimmy Carter, archbishop Desmond Tutu and former congressman Bob Barr said that there was no evidence of Davis’ guilt, and his execution should be stayed.

Don’t Let Troy Davis’ Death Be In Vain

Hopefully, the execution of an innocent man won’t be in vain. Hopefully, the criminal justice system will be reformed so that justice is actually served.

As Martin Luther King said, “the moral arc of justice is long, but it bends towards justice”.

The day before his execution, Davis himself challenged his closest supporters to keep fighting for justice, saying that the struggle for justice did not start with him and – even if he was executed – would not end with him.

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