Media, Internet and Government Censoring Wall Street Protest?

Mainstream Media Censoring Wall Street Protests

The mainstream media is refusing to cover the Wall Street protests.

Google, Yahoo and Twitter are both alleged to be censoring the protests.

As an op-ed in China Daily notes, the “US media blackout of protest is shameful”.

While China is hardly a bastion for free speech or a free media, the pot is in this case correct in calling the kettle black.

Government Censorship?

Governments have ordered YouTube to take down protest videos.

America has engaged in massive censorship in recent years, and the elites have openly pined to crack down even more … and to emulate China. For example, Senator Joe Lieberman lamented:

Right now, China can disconnect parts of its Internet in times of war. We need to be able to do that too.

Is the U.S. government censoring coverage of the Wall Street protests? Only time will tell.

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