Marine Sergeant Stands Up to NYPD to Protect Wall Street Protesters

Marine Sergeant Schools the NYPD on Wall Street Protests

Demotix reports:

Last night at Occupy Wall Street in Times Square, Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas boldly defended the occupiers. Sergeant Thomas calmly asked the NYPD why they aren’t protecting the peaceful protestors. The NYPD ignored his questions and continued telling protestors to leave the sidewalk otherwise “they’d get hurt.”

Then, in an epic scene, Thomas approached the line of NYPD officers who held their batons.

While many Occupy Wall Street demonstrators had been arrested for merely crossing the street, he exclaimed, “These are U.S. citizens peacefully protesting! These are the people you are supposed to protect!” The 10-15 NYPD officers he addressed dared not to touch him.

Sergeant Thomas continued denouncing the NYPD’s actions shouting, “This isn’t a war zone! I’ve served overseas, that’s a war zone! Get rid of your batons and helmets!”

After five minutes of severely and loudly criticizing the NYPD, the Sergeant walked away leaving the scorned officers behind. The few people who were there applauded and cheered.

The Reformed Broker writes:

Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas delivered a scathing sermon to the NYPD, backing them off and furiously reminding them that the police should be there to protect the people (see photo via Joshua Paul below):

Sgt Shamar Thomas represents a major problem for those who would love nothing more than to conveniently dismiss the protesters as “stoners, losers and fringe elements.”

Here’s a video:

Many In the Military Support the Protests

In fact, many in the military support the protests.

And see this:

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88 Responses to Marine Sergeant Stands Up to NYPD to Protect Wall Street Protesters

  1. Rich says:

    Yeah, cool…In my opinion, what the protesters need now is to have a little bit more consensus on their demands. They can not go on forever demanding all sorts of different things.

    Nice post!

    • limbodog says:

      I disagree. The thing is, we all know what the problems are. If you can’t name at least one thing going wrong with our system right now, you’ve been living under a rock. Don’t limit this to some little wish list. Let the politicians who want to be on the right side of this come out with their own suggestions of how to fix it.

    • Mike says:

      I disagree. There is a lot wrong with our world today and this movement is far from over. If we try and pigeonhole people into a specific issue or a specific fight we will begin to lose support. I was at Occupy Toronto this weekend and saw people concerned about everything from the environment to economic inequality to the guy with the Fuck Rob Ford (Toronto mayor, hated by most people that swing politically left) sign. If we made this purely about the economy or purely about poor energy choices or purely about corruption in politics we would alienate a large part of the group as a whole and lose support overall. We need to keep it broad and say (this is the soundbite I would have given to a reporter if asked why I was personally there) “Our governments represent the majority of the money, not the majority of the people.” By doing this we are acknowledging that there is a fundamental flaw in the way we are going about things, it’s not enough to satisfy one or two demands, we need to change the way the system works. We need to move the balance of power back into the hands of the masses.

      • Patricia says:

        The system works you idiot. Why do you think the entire world tries to get into the US, Canada or any other Western democracy? You don’t see people giving up everything and risking their lives to go to third world nations, Russia, China, etc. If you get an education that has production value, you’ll get a job, work your way up in your career if you choose and get what you’re willing to work for. I’ve been to Cuba and seen “full employment” = 5 people to do a one person job. Shot up buildings, broken down electronics, contolled movement, secret police, armed soldiers on the streets. I’ve been in China too where everybody keeps an eye on everyone else and every position is monitored by open and hidden communist party members. Capitalism works. It made the West the envy of the world. Grow up you jerk.

        • Leo says:

          Of course places like Russia and China get immigrants you idiot. For people like you everything has to be all or nothing, black or white. I pity you. Educate yourself.

          • james says:

            thank you leo. you speak of the past, because america is not that country that it “was” when you were a kid. read history get with the program.

        • Chris says:

          10% unemployment with less than one percent of the population having over half the money is what you call a system that works? People without jobs don’t eat. People that don’t eat die.

          How is that ever acceptable to you?

          I would step back and examine your own opinions before calling others a jerk.

        • C S Perry says:

          If you have something to say, people might actually pay attention if you can control yourself and not resort to name calling. Just because you do not agree does not make someone an idiot or a jerk. Name calling and personal attacks generally happen when one has nothing of substance to add to a discussion.

          Do you have something of substance to add?

        • Mackenzie says:

          Being slightly less broken than a third world country is not the definition of working. Take a look at Europe for something that actually works for the people, not against.

          Why did the Revolutionary War have to happen? If it hadn’t, we’d have the NHS!

          • wowsers says:

            Really? Have you noticed that much of Europe is broke? Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and others. How much more evidence do you need that those systems are horribly broken.

            “The USA Today explains, “The European financial crisis has awakened average Europeans to the frightening possibility that the end is near for their post-World War II system of stiff taxes, guaranteed state jobs, early retirements and lavish benefits.” While the model may sound good in theory to some, in practice it is unsustainable. For decades, countries promised a social model that they didn’t have the money to support. This was allowed to go on as the problems simmered below the surface. Now, the EU finds itself in a moment of reckoning.”

            How is that a system that helps anyone? You can spend someone else’s money for only so long.

          • mark says:

            Mackenzie, I don’t disagree with you that the system is broken, but if you think things in Europe aren’t a mess, you haven’t been watching the news. London was burning, there are protests and strikes in much of southern europe, a looming debt crisis that could threaten the EU…the list goes on.

            People in Europe are as angry at the system as those in the United States, on a wide variety of topics. Not enough social mobility, high unemployment…the issues are similiar to those in America.

            One difference is obviously that many European countries have much better social protection schemes than the United States does. This is one reason why European countries can consistently maintain 8-9% unemployment, while in the United States that number is untenable.

            Don’t think these problems that the OWS folks are protesting are unique to the US. They are a wider manifestation of discontent with a capitalist system that more and more seems to favor the rich at the expense of the poor, and they are spreading to all the wealthier countries. We in the “west” are facing the realization that it is no longer a guarantee that the lives of our children are going to be better than our own.

        • Different Mike says:

          Well first off, I would like to point out that China and Russia are not third-world countries. Not only is that title an outdated Cold War relic, but communist countries were classified in the second world anyways. Furthermore, if you haven’t noticed, China is rapidly advancing towards becoming a First-Tier nation. I spent the summer in Shanghai- it is undoubtedly as free-market and capitalist as anywhere in America. The people lack personal freedoms, but the economy maintains a 10% growth rate.

          Also keep in mind why Cuba is in the position it’s in. Due to their alignment in the Cold War, they were placed under embargo by the United States, and that has more of an impact towards their economy than their economic/political system.

          The system works, but who is it working for? It is time we re-evaluate what we want our economy to provide for our people, who have taken a backseat to the interests of corporations and traders, and the government that supports their every whim, especially in the past few decades.

          If you think that the entire world envies us, you are gravely mistaken. I would suggest you open your mind to the reality of the world as it is today, and you may see a different situation.

          • patricia says:

            No kidding China and Russia are not 3rd world countries. Commas indicate items in a series, not equivalence. It would be rather awkward to use the word “and” rather than commas.
            I happen to live on the Canada/US border and you are mistaken about people not envying America and Canada. People are taking out citizenship on a regular basis in Canada and the millions of illegals in America, speaks to America’s attractiveness. The train bridges between Canada and the US are alarmed to stop illegal crossings in both directions. American and Canadian private schools and universities are flooded with foreign applications every year. One thing that always mystified me about Americans or Canadians who tore down their country and railed about its evils was why they didn’t just leave. Historically when conditions were unbearable in a country those who were unhappy sought greener pastures. Of course the reality is/was conditions aren’t that bad otherwise people would leave.
            I’ve been to Cuba (1979) and to China (2007 Beijing, Lin He). Neither one has an immigration problem. China roared to life when she incorporated capitalism into her communist system. She pays Westerners quite well for their expertise in medicine, education, etc. Of course dissent that threatens government control is not tolerated. Ask the Christians, Uighars and Falun Dafa/Gong. Everybody “watches” everybody else. The gap between the rich and the poor is astronomical. Rural citizens are not allowed into the cities to live or work without permission. All movement between districts is monitored. My “guide” was a second son who by law should have been aborted. Since his parents came up with a significant financial payment his birth was permitted. If, however, you are a peasant out on a farm you can have as many children as you want to help you work the land. China is racist. If you are not Han, you will not have the top positions. The pollution levels from the countless coal power plants are in the realm of science fiction. This may be why you see very few birds. During the summer the haze in Beijing is so bad you can’t see the sun at all. Out on the plains to the west in Inner Mongolia you will see the sun between 10am and 11am, but again very few birds. Many of my adult students had cancer in their families. When crossing Tiananmen Square, my guide (a young man) would not announce through his megaphone the spot where the student stopped the tank, but he was willing to quietly point it out.
            While in Cuba (1979) I saw a convertible Mercedes with current Florida plates at a hotel. Embargo??? According to the Cubans I spoke with, there was a vibrant underground trade in American dollars with tourists on the beaches so plainclothes police were present. While trying to take pictures of a naval ship off the beach, an undercover policeman appeared and stopped me. While walking up a beach, a uniformed (military) man with an automatic weapon slung in front of him came out of the bushes on a rocky outcrop above to stop me because Raoul, Castro’s brother was home at his beach house that day. Suggests luxury private property. In fact, it was part of the Dupont estate. I wonder how many Cubans have beach houses? The military functioned as police in that throughout the town there were uniformed men with automatic weapons on street corners. I’ve known a couple of successful Canadian capitalists who escaped from Cuba with their lives and nothing else. Castro confiscated their family’s wealth when they were boys. Funny thing about communism is everybody shares (except for the leadership) so there’s neither rich nor poor just mediocrity.
            If you speak to people from oppressive countries they will tell you how much they value the capitalist opportunities afforded them in America and Canada. Capitalism works. What doesn’t work is leftist ideolgies that meddle in personal freedoms offering government care in exchange for economic slavery. Capitalism worked for me and for my friends. Borrowing money for silly degrees that employers aren’t interested in is whose fault? When you can’t figure out how credit works who’s to blame? Usually people’s problems are of their own making?
            I am very well educated with multiple degrees and parlayed my salary over the years into a small hobby farm. When I couldn’t get a mortgage through a bank due to having no down payment, a Jewish businessman whom I never met, but to whom I am eternally grateful, gave me a mortgage for several years even though I am not Jewish. As a capitalist, I spent some of my earned money on employing others in the horse industry for various services over the years. Rather than crying about obstacles or unfair situations I experienced, I had to take charge and get around or over them . It is black and white. Stop being a self-loathing American. If you haven’t got a job, pick up a snow shovel, a lawnmower or cleaning supplies and look for work. You’ll find it. If you practice self-reliance and capitalism you too could make a fortune and spend it employing others or giving it away to charities just like corporations do. Capitalism sure worked for Herman Cain and look at the obstacles he had to overcome. Steven Jobs of course was the uber capitalist. Even Obama made about 5 million from book sales. Maybe you too could write a book or find a ghost writer. A corporation is just a business and busness is what capitalism is all about. Remember money makes the world go around and the LOVE of money is the root of all evil not money itself.

        • Mama Miller says:

          This is the caption I put on my sign at a local occupy march: “Capitalism works great if we have either- 1. Ethics, Honesty, and Integrity OR, 2. Rules & Regulations. Wall Street & U.S. Politicians have neither!” The West USED to be the envy of the world, but that is no longer true. The U.S. has become the laughing stock of other developed countries because of our failing economic state. AND we have become the target of much anger & terrorism, not because the rest of the world envies the U.S., but because they are disgusted with our arrogance and domination. If the U.S. continues on the same downward economic spiral seen in the last 20-30 years, WE will be the ones risking our lives trying to get into other countries with stable economies and job opportunities.

          • jamale allan says:

            Patrica, China is polluted because they knew if they did join the industrialized world, the US would bomb them ‘back into the stone age’. So they now have nukes as an equalizer. The US only attacks countries who are unarmed and cannot defend themselves. The 50 year embargo on Cuba and the numerous attempts against the life of Castro leaves little time or the resources required for growth.

        • Dan Hogan says:

          Sure, capitalism works; however, how can you call the current market “free trade” or “capitalist” when Mc Donald’s gets health care wavers where you’re mom and pops burger stand is forced to shell out for Obamacare. How can you call this fair trade when GE (the largest contributor to the Obama campaign) gets carbon tax wavers and others don’t. Wake UP! The system we live in is much different then the one we were raised to believe in.
          Have you seen the giant telescreens going up in malls and stadiums, airports and subways with a voice telling you to watch you’re neighbors and “say something if you see something” leaving the definition of “something” open?
          Secret police? since the Patriot Act you can be arrested with out due process no lawyer just you alone against the system. Now the FBI can partake in warrant-less “sneak and peek’s” where you don’t even need to be told of the intrusion. The police are now able to demand blood to be drawn on the highway as opposed to a breathalyzer test.
          4’th amendment:
          “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

          The safeguards put in place by our forefathers are slowly being put out of use and new laws…laws that don’t have the best interests of you’re average citizen are taking their place. people have the right to be angry,
          “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
          -Benjamin Frankilin

  2. RsonW says:

    Both those videos were awesome. “If Sean Hannity were here now, what would you tell him?” “I’d tell him to fuck off.”

  3. Douglas says:

    Semper Fi is a way off life and up holding the code of conduct is a great companion for anyone, J.J.D.I.D.T.I.E.B.UC.K.E.L ” look it up for those that have never heard the tirm.

    I train my hands for war and my finger to kill, God help steady my hand and sharpen my mind to know peace. I pray O lord. help me know peace? After the battle done! Till then I wait my orders.

    Semper Fi

    Douglas J Frank

    Awaiting Orders.

  4. I captured about 5 mins of this exchange. It’s on my blog at or YouTube channel.

  5. devildogkuwaitiraq3tour says:

    to my fellow marine..uuuuuurrrrrraaaaahhhhhh! I guarantee you that if a US Marine gets touched by one cop unlawfully a can of wipass will open in NYC . We are here to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Those cops are punks compared to the shit we ate and spit out overseas………..

  6. Nick says:

    While I can appreciate Sgt Thomas’ complaints and ideas voiced to the cops, it’s distasteful for him to be doing it in the uniform. As American citizens we are guaranteed our 1st amendment rights, but as military members we must remember we represent more than just ourselves, wearing the uniform to any protest is simply wrong and against regs.

    Capt, USMC
    Semper Fi

    • Erick says:

      Do you call the military personell in other nations and in the Middle East who rejected the violence against its fellow citizens and joined them to protect them a violation of their “code” of conduct? To think they didn’t have such code, whose penalties for violation are perhaps more severe than in this country, is ignorance. Since when is patriotism tied to a flag or uniform? It is absolute patriotism to defend and stand up for the values a service members Swears under oath as they enlist. To revert to a UCMJ article is to uphold the bullshit laws that are oppressing the voices of justice, past, present, and future. A person in uniform is not just a number – not anymore – they are people with a voice.

      • Jason says:

        Actually Eric, when you sign up for the military you sign a contract to uphold these laws, and you are not able to have your rights. You are protecting these rights and not given them anymore, you are under the rights of the U.C.M.J. You probably should read something on this before you go blog about it. And I agree with Capt. Nick above, I do agree with his right to protest (since previous articles say that the SGT. did end his contract), but he should not have worn his uniform in such a way. I also have been to Iraq, and would never think of disgracing the uniform to prove a point. I have risked my life for this flag and that is a very important part of being an American, though you are correct by saying that the values have more weight, it is the morals and values.

    • Alan says:


      I agree with you that it’s distasteful. I don’t know if it’s wrong, or against regs, but I believe your statement.

      I don’t agree with all of the tactics of the demonstartors, nor all of their goals. But I have seen a lot of evidence that deomnstrator’s rights are being violated. In the perfect American society, all sides of debate are supposed to be respected. This clearly isn’t true in the current political environment. People seem to forget that the purpose of debate is to understand other points of view and solve problems. Instead, what seems to be occurring is that our politicians and leaders are busy trying to score “wins.”

      Sgt. Thomas’ behavior may be distasteful, especially to the US Marine Corps command, however sometimes distatsteful things have to be done to get the attention of those in power. I think seeing him in uniform made an imapct that would not have occured had he not been in uniform. Hopefully, his gesture restored some thought to what are quickly becoming desparate times ofr us in the US.

    • Conor says:

      Get your head our your ass, Nick.

    • Dale Stewart says:

      Respectfully Sir, I would say that Sergeant Thomas earned the right to wear that uniform. Damn the regs. He took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. The first amendment is the very heart of the Constitution, the peoples right to peaceably assemble shall not be infringed. To peaceably assemble means to be able to assemble without fear of getting a nightstick smashed over your head, pepper sprayed, tazed, trampled by horses, corralled, tear gassed, etc. From what I can see, this veteran takes his oath seriously. I only wish more veterans would take a similar stand. There is a greater principle at work here than military uniform regulations. Thank you for your service. Thank you Sgt. Thomas for defending your fellow citizens and the Constitution.

      • Dale Stewart says:

        One more thing. This vet didn’t wear the uniform to a protest. He was walking by the protests in his uniform. There is a difference. When witnessing the abuse of peaceable protesters by local law enforcement he rose to their defense. This guy should get a medal, not a reprimand.

        • 0302 says:

          Dale, Sgt. Thomas was clearly there to protest in uniform, which, as Nick correctly observed, is distasteful and against regulations.

          I offer the following as evidence that he was not just passing by:
          1. Sgt. Thomas is no longer active, and thus had no reason to be in uniform.
          2. Marines are not authorized to wear their utility uniform (cammies) off base, except in transit to an from their homes.
          3. Marines are never authorized to walk around with their blouses open, skivvy shirts untucked and heads uncovered. The state of undress in which he found himself would never happen “while walking by the protests in his uniform”.

        • Todd Murphy says:


          Marines don’t wear that uniform out in public, or over civilian clothes like that. I’m hoping he was out of the Corps already, which would make everything kosher, but there is no way he was just walking down the street in his cammies. We’re not the Army.

          • 03-everything says:

            A: he was obviously out.
            B: That doesn’t make everything kosher according to the USMC, so the Sir’s up there are actually right.
            C: no one actually cares…(except officers, or unnecessarily motivated enlisted guys)

            This guy is out. Probably served fine if got out as a Sgt. He is at least still being an honorable man and defending, beyond his “required time” the rights that he swore to protect. Leave him alone, at least he’s not a dirtbag.

            ~an 03

    • Terrance says:

      With all due respect for the Captain’s service, cops blatantly violently attacking unarmed totally peaceful citizens peacefully exercising the right to assemble, but you find the Sargent’s uniform protecting these American citizens “distasteful”. Are you sworn to protect the cops right to abuse our citizens if they speak up, or sworn to protect the constitution? Get it straight. Your uniform should clearly be protecting US citizens, not US corporations and thugs. Fortunately the majority of NYPD knew the Sargent was right and they backed off. Why didn’t he get arrested, ONLY because of that uniform. Thanks to the heroic Sargent for his exemplary service to this country.

      • MadeLine says:

        I don’t think the uniform comment was intended as a commentary on the protests, but rather intended to draw attention to the fact that we should not be celebrating this as some sort of military involvement in the protests. Also, if you read the scenario carefully, the police were simply trying to remove the protesters from their position (for no reason), but it was threatening violence rather than actually violent. Lastly, that sergeant is no longer under any obligation to protect anyone, as has been established in the other comments. What is remarkable about this man’s confrontation with the police is the confrontation itself, not the supposed military aspect.

    • CAM Marshall says:

      Indeed-get your head out of your ass,
      Do you think for a minute that those group of nervous little cops would not have maced and beat him-or at least tried too if he was not in uniform. I pay my tax dollars to help purchase these uniforms. It does not bother me one bit to see him proudly wearing it. I lost my business of over 30 years to big business- then my home. God Bless Sgt. Thomas’ and US Marine Corps. They evidently understand our rights better than those cops that maced the women in the fencing several weeks ago, no honor in that to be sure.

      • Wes says:

        CAM Marshall,

        Technically the Marines almost always buy their own uniforms which cost about $40 for the blouse, $40 for the trousers, $10 for the cover, and anywhere from $80 to $200 dollars for the boots. Granted they are given an initial issue at boot camp but after that they are given only a miniscule uniform stipend after that. The reason that Nick the Captain in the Marine Corps says that he should not be in the uniform at this protest is that it is forbidden to wear this uniform in public. He was in no way shape or form just walking by in his uniform because it is not worn properly, the ribbons are not allowed on cammies, he should have had the blouse buttoned, wearing a cover (hat) is required outdoors, a clean shave is required, and an olive drab undershirt is to be worn. Lastly this uniform is supposed to be only worn on base, one can not even step out of his vehicle to go get lunch outside of base if wearing this uniform. This Marine being a Sgt. in the past would have know this, and although he no longer needs to abide by these rules, should have shown more respect to his service by not desecrating the uniform in that way. He could have been just as effective wearing a USMC hat and a t shirt and explaining that he fought for his country and the right to protest. Please do not insult the Captain, who is fighting for his country by telling him to pull his head out of his ass. He was simply trying to inform the public as to why the Marine Corps does not appreciate its uniform being displayed in this way to make a political statement. Our job is not to announce our political affiliations while in uniform. Instead we are to defend and uphold the constitution and carry out orders. When in a civilian status, and when stating clearly that one’s opinions are not those of the USMC or Department of Defense then one can express their opinions. Even if one was in uniform he could discuss politics as long as he clearly states that his opinion belongs only to himself.

    • Zeus says:

      Not if your out of the service.

    • jeff says:

      he wasn’t in uniform.

    • DiddyBoppinfoo says:

      I would just like to here some of the sediment that this stirs up on here as we seem to have a few marines on here. Ok super quickly. French Foreign legion troops, are required to were their uniform at all times. even in public. They are pretty well knownto be the craziest bad ass mofo’s in the country. But they’re the good guys. While out in public in the uniform theres no hiding it or from it anything you do will immediately reflect bad upon the whole organization. I think that they would have a lot of social pressure to constantly be good citizens and when the hearts and minds of their own people. Maybe even make the general populace more secure. My question is this, as marines we are held to the same type or social responsibility and pressure but yet we cant where our uniform in public. No one ever thinks about why or why not. But I believe as AD Marines we should be pushing to adopt something similar here, it’s just one more thing we are willing to do for this country. Were all trained in some very basic first responder first aid and eliminating any type of threat. Marines 24/7 365 right, be about it lets get out there and interact with this countries citizens and let them sling hate our way, then find a way to help them in some way in uniform as a Marine just doing his job. Let the people that hate the MC actually see the capabilities of a finely tuned group of Marines working together to accomplish a mission.

    • joseph zach says:

      he is not currently on active duty. I am a USMC veteran also. I have NO problem in his wearing hie utility jacket at a protest. none whatsoever.

  7. Anne says:

    After reading this I can’t help wonder what our vets think of what the mayor and his goon “police” force are doing to the peaceful protestors? These courageous young men & women get back home after countless tours of duty, just to find out that when their own citizens, the people these soldiers were supposedly sent over seas to KEEP SAFE FROM WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, try to protest the injustices in our country, they are beaten down!!! These soldiers protected protestors in other countries! What makes the 1% and their puppets think they wouldn’t do that in America???

  8. Justin says:

    My response goes out to Nick. You are an officer in the USMC. First off thanks for serving. I myself am also a vet. I took an oath to protect this country foreign and domestic. If it is the police who deny us our civil liberties then so be it, they are my enemy.

    • Steve says:

      The Police are not Bad the media is the reason that they are seen in a bad light. All the images that you see from the media show the police restraining a protestor, they do not show the protestor spitting, throwing something or just being disobedient. When you see a video of alleged police brutality see if you can watch the whole video, not just the arrest.

      • Roland says:

        You are right, not all cops are bad, but it’s the 90% that give the rest a bad name. Don’t give me this “media” BS, when I go out driving around town, I’m not looking for Mike Wallace to roust me! All the cops I have ever known were the kids that were picked on in school. They have a power-trip complex and this is their out. Why would anyone else want to be a cop? They have shitty pay, hours…. every cop I know has been divorced at least once. Do you really believe that in all the video beat-downs we see that the cops are justified in beating or shooting these people? For every one that gets a video, there are 100+ others that go undocumented. F the Police. There is a revolution comin’…… and I believe that the 2nd amendment will have it’s day when it does!

      • greg says:

        As someone who proudly makes my view points heard in public places, i know the wrath of cops. I’ve been arrested several times for being outside of the “free speech zones” at presidential speaking engagements. between the cops here in GA and the secret service, I’ve been beaten for my views. Most cops are definitely bad. they want nothing more than to intimidate you.

  9. nina says:

    Hannity has done himself proud as has his faux news team, let’s pick the a few interesting looking people, distort their voices and poke fun at Americans fighting for their right to speak out. Hannity and Fox are the worst representation of the media we have seen in a long time…unbiased? hell no.
    A rock concert? go down there yourself, Hannity, you coward, and talk to the doctors, nurses, lawyers,teachers, students and young professionals taking time out from their lives to BE there…
    use your “wit” against some of the most articulate and intelligent people you are likely to meet, and what’s with the teeth and tits with the women you have on? ooooh my baaaad.

  10. JoA says:

    The cops should beat that libtard to a inch of his life then piss on him. Fucking liberals.

    • C S Perry says:

      What’s the matter with you? You come here and make your vulgar statements and flout your savage judgments toward what you don’t understand. But you don’t have the courage to put your name in print? People like you deserve the government they are trying to create. Why don’t you move to Iran they already have a theocracy/dictatorship where citizens have no rights.

  11. Joa says:

    What the matter this libtard site can’t handle a other view. Bitches

    • John F. says:

      Go troll somewhere else. I don’t believe even the most conservative, right wing, religious zealot would actually want a USMC vet beaten for exercising his first amendment rights.

  12. Joa says:

    Cool. Some Marine yells at a bunch of cops that clearly aren’t out to use excessive force. If they were, they would’ve put a baton to his face to shut him up. He got a lot of media and press for yelling at them and telling them that “they have no honor”. Nice work.

    And that all proves what? The cops didn’t beat anyone undeservedly in that video. They were all actually quite calm for people who were being disrespected. And we still have no idea what the “Occupiers” want out of all this.

  13. Joa says:


    Don’t mind me I’m just a attention seeker. Never thought my post would make it actually. 😛

    Carry on the people and good day.

  14. frankly says:

    he protected the people against the iraqis and the afghans? american people were never threatened by iraq and afghanistan.

    there is no honour in engaging in illegal immoral wars of aggression that result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children. soldiers and police are two sides of the same dispicable coin.

    • frankly says:

      apologies for my despicable spelling.

    • MadeLine says:

      The ordinary men and women who serve in the military are not responsible for their orders. Those come from much higher up. It is possible to support the members of the military without supporting the wars they are ordered to participate in. I’m a spouse of a Marine, and that’s how I feel about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Keep in mind that the military is a unit that is deployed at the will of a few men – they do not get much individual choice in any of their actions (even the men’s facial hair is regulated). There may not be any honor in starting the wars, but there always will be honor in serving your country, whether that be through military service or some other means (such as marrying a servicemember, as in my case).

      • Sabrina says:

        I agree with you, MadeLine! Well said!

      • LEO Tolstoy says:

        and the police are THE SAME!!! Individual police officers DO NOT make decisions in these circumstances. I guarantee that there was a police lieutenant or captain somewhere making judgments.

  15. sandi2 says:

    Thank you Sgt.Shamar Thomas, ‘devildogkuwait’, Dale Stewart and others who support american citizens at home. **Thank you for seeing clearly that we also support all of you**.

    Time for Occupy to have some leaders. Marine Corps individuals could fill those shoes; **none** know more than you;have experienced more; have demonstrated Honor more . Thank you

  16. Craig says:

    Indeed-get your head out. All the rest of you citing regulations as well-it is not applicable.
    Do you think for a minute that those group of nervous little cops would not have maced and beat him-or at least tried too if he was not in uniform. I pay my tax dollars to help purchase these uniforms. It does not bother me one bit to see him proudly wearing it. I lost my business of over 30 years to big business- then my home to the banks, God Bless Sgt. Thomas’ and US Marine Corps. They evidently understand our rights better than those cops that maced the women in the fencing several weeks ago, no honor in that to be sure.

  17. CJ says:

    I don’t know which military you’re talking about that “supports the protest,” but it isn’t the one I’m in. We all think you’re a bunch of nutcases unwilling to WORK for your money, pissed that others make more than you, and just plain selfish. I’d like to see this survey where you get your beliefs the military supports what you’re doing.

    • MadeLine says:

      Challenge accepted.

    • Sabrina says:

      Ugh, I can’t freaking stand people like you who want to speak for the whole military! Guess what, I’m in as well, and I DO happen to support at least portions of the this protest. Also, if you took the time to do some research, you would see there are a lot of military are coming out to support these protestors. Just google ‘military occupy wall street’, you don’t even have to write support, and basically every article on the first page of Google is about Marines or other service members coming out to support the protestors. The problem here is is not whether you agree with them or disagree with their message, it’s that they are being denied their right to assemble peacefully as given to them in the constitution! Which, by the way is something you took a vow support if you signed up to join the military! I don’t know what branch you are, but in the Navy, it’s part of our creed. “I will support and defend the constitution of the United States of America” and later on “I am committed to excellence AND THE FAIR TREATMENT OF ALL.”

  18. CJ says:

    The guy on the right in the second video is an outright liar. The GI Bill pays WAY MORE than “barely enough for books.” I wouldn’t doubt if he never served a day in his life. Probably got booted from boot camp.

    • Jake says:

      Maybe the post 9/11 GI bill pays more, but prior to that the GI bill veterans bought into was extremely weak! Imagine living off of $1500/month. Now imagine you have a family of four that you are responsible for. Remember rent, debt, food and any other expenses a family of four has. On top of that consider the cost of tuition, books and supplies. As a full time student with a wife/husband and two children maybe the only job available in the market is a PT position that doesn’t offer health care…so now you pay for insurance on your own. Even if your spouse has a job as well there’s a point where childcare cost compared to income doesn’t work out. Many veterans have families just like this. If providing for your family and bettering yourself becomes unobtainable for mid-20 year olds who bravely volunteered for military service and were forced into jobs they didn’t want (i.e. infantry or other jobs with no civilian counterpart) and were lied to by the same government that they were sworn to protect…well we live in a sadistic world. The post 9/11 GI bill came way to late for many veterans to utilize. If anybody has ever dealt with the VA…then you know what he means about writing your senator. My VA counselor is responsible for 10 veterans who attend my university. She still struggles to mediate between the 10 of us and the VA offices. It takes months and sometimes SEMESTERS just to see a dollar. So on top of it all imagine not being payed until after the first year. You have the gumption to criticize somebody else’s service? War takes support in all aspects, no matter your contributions size every veteran deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Especially from the VA.

      To be fair every time I call the VA they are super nice and accommodating. It’s not customer services fault the administration has such a high ineptitude.

  19. Steve says:

    Ok before you put Sgt.Shamar Thomas on a pedestal a few things you should acknowledge:
    1. No longer a Marine, if you check his record I would doubt that he had a shining Military Career
    2. Check out his job CEO his music is in appropriate for most listeners.
    3. He went there looking for a fight and publicity, why else go there in uniform???
    4. Call him what he is an Instigator

    • wowsers says:

      Actual facts! Hard to come by here.

    • Jake says:

      Your right! Defrauding the country is way more honorable than Sgt Thomas sanding up defending Americans.

    • Sabrina says:

      So, he’s a regular person? I don’t care what he did in his past, that doesn’t make THIS any less honorable. He’s defending these people’s constitutional rights to assemble peacefully. Also, you have no idea if his record is good or not. It’s possible he just finished his contract and got out with an honorable discharge, which is probably since he’s getting out as a sargeant. If he had gotten kicked out for disciplinary measures, they probably would have taken his rank down, too. My Dad was a Marine in Vietnam and got a purple heart for being wounded, but he also smoked some pot in his day and did some other stupid things, does that lessen his sacrifice? I also fail to see what this guy’s music has to do with anything. He at least WAS a Marine (and once you are a Marine, you are always a Marine), and regardless of how profane his music is, he’s standing up for people’s rights!

  20. craig baumberger says:

    Pitch my tent out in the street,
    Let you feel some of that heat,
    Like the Kid that burned up Tunis,
    Way back in the Spring.

    The Occupation has begun,
    We don’t need bullets, don’t need guns,
    We learned that in Birmingham,
    Thank you Doctor King.

  21. Ron Matuska says:

    The real change will come when those who are being used by a corrupt system to fight illegal wars overseas, because their wealth and future has been stolen by those on Wall Street, come home and fight the real war against corporate greed and banks “too big to fail” and too big to punish! When the government not only bails out the criminals, but instead of punishing them, rewards them with positions of power, you know that protest is not only needed, but demanded.

  22. Ron says:

    The real change will come when those who are being used by a corrupt system to fight illegal wars overseas, because their wealth and future has been stolen by those on Wall Street, come home and fight the real war against corporate greed and banks “too big to fail” and too big to punish! When the government not only bails out the criminals, but instead of punishing them, rewards them with positions of power, you know that protest is not only needed, but demanded.

  23. C S Perry says:

    Marine or ex-marine? Who cares? Once a marine always a marine. As a vet I am proud to see someone stand up to brutality. If wearing a uniform was the only way to make himself heard so be it. I disagree that Nick has his head up his ass. He is doing what he believes his job is. BTW Thanks to Nick and to Sgt. Thomas for your service to this country.

  24. TxCowgirlRN49 says:

    Thank God for men like Sgt. Thomas….he EARNED the right to wear that uniform anyway he pleases after fighting for our country…HATERS have not EARNED the right to tell him, or any other military personnel how to wear their uniform after serving and being discharged from the service. Thank God he voiced his thoughts and stood up for the protestors in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! The Constitution is to be protected from foreign and DOMESTIC enemies and yes, we have DOMESTIC enemies right here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…the fat cats on Wall street and their political cronies who are destroying the working middle class American! The big question is how can “we, the people” protect ourselves against the domestic enemies when they have all the money to buy lawyers, politicians and law enforcement officers/departments? Will it ever come to another civil war where our military ,who took an oath to uphold the constitution from foreign and / or domestic enemies, have to combat our own law enforcement agencies who do not see “our rights” under the constitution as those serving our country in uniform? The founding fathers of this wonderful country called America, left their respective foreign homes to fight and die for the belief/rights they placed in the Bill of Rights and our constitution. They believed EVERY person should have EQUAL RIGHTS…not just the wealthy and CAREER POLITICIANS!!! Again, Thank GOD for giving Sgt. Thomas the strength to defend the protestors, and in doing so defending the individual rights of each of us! If we do not support our WARRIORS in uniform after they served our country under such atrocities, then the domestic enemies have won! SOOOO…how much money do you have to fight for change? Exactly!!! Thank God for all these PROTESTORS!!!

  25. True Blue says:

    I for one totally agree with the 99er’s. Not saying or doing anything is still saying or doing something. Just after the debt fiasco in Aug, My frustration at how willingly some in Congress were to financially tank the country to achieve ideological goals, I began watching to see if any movements/marches/protests or anything like that would get steam. 1 American voice can do little, 2 can try, 3 gets attention but 10,000 – 20,000 and it takes a life all its own especially if it’s intended to correct a social injustice or economic imbalance. We have both. The world has taken note and emulated this strategy. Eventually though, the Wall St. Occupiers and their supporters will have to choose a political path and a few individuals, politicians or not, that will channel their voices into a trusted few. They have time though, and I hope their using it to let the Dems/Repub’s sweat a little and let the politicians come to them and offer to help with what the American People want. Back in Aug I was hoping Americans, any Americans would step for all of us…even the ones that are against them. I’m proud of you 99er’s…stay the course and keep it peaceful, their waiting for anyone of you to slip up so they can pounce, don’t give them the opportunity!

  26. Okker. says:

    Trying to derail the discussion by questioning the veterans uniform or lack thereof, is a sure sign of the moral bankruptcy of a one percenter.

    • Jason says:

      It is not derailing the discussion, he is making a point that is very legit. The only reason that there is this much controversy is because he was wearing this uniform the wrong way. You obviously know nothing about the U.C.M.J. to contribute to this conversation. Do you even know why this occupy wall street is going on? I am guessing probably not, and as a matter of fact if anyone wants to enlighten me on why it is and give me a source to where this whole 99% thing came from I would love to know. I am not saying it is not true, but I have not found any evidence that 99% of Americans are poor and pay way too much taxes. I don’t know if anyone else has heard of this, but there are 2 things guaranteed in life 1. Death and 2. Taxes

    • MadeLine says:

      I guarantee that a Marine Captain does not qualify financially to be a 1-percenter. You do know that’s what the percentage thing is about right? Financial status?

  27. SmithG says:

    I don’t know about the Marines, but in the Army being in the uniform at a political protest is against regulation, and if they were, I’d hope they’d at least know how to wear it. This guy put his time in in Iraq/Afghanistan, but he makes it sound like he has a higher level of honor then they do. If he did why wouldn’t he at least show respect to a uniform that many men have died in for the idea he’s supposedly protecting.

  28. Jason says:

    I also have one more comment to add. Everyone complains about this 1% of “corporate greed”, which I don’t even understand what it is. Also about the influence of corporations, but I have one question. If everyone is against corporate influence, then why are they tweeting or posting updates on facebook with their mobile devices and taking pictures and complaining to MSNBC or CNN, and wearing clothes and walking in the streets and eating food and drinking water and all the other things that are made and influenced by “corporate influence”. These people just want a hand-out and I find that very sad. There are people who actually work hard and earn an honest living and sometimes make it to the top. Instead of envying these people how about you start aspiring to be like them and have a better chance to get up there. Well by the time you do, you will have it all stripped away from you because there were people protesting about it on Wall Street. I am not saying don’t protest, just know what you are protesting about.

    • patricia says:

      You go fella. Nice to read some sanity.

    • Mama Miller says:

      I am not opposed to buying or using anything made by a large corporation. And I don’t want to act in a way that will cause all corporations to fail. What the occupy protesters are trying to do is increase awareness of the huge & increasing disparity in the annual incomes of the top executives of the top U.S. corporations with that of their hourly employees. That income gap is rapidly increasing, as can be seen in charts and graphs that can easily be accessed on the internet. AND the protesters are calling attention to the fact that these company executives are blatantly using their inflated incomes to influence our politicians. This “ownership” of our state and federal governments by Wall Street banks and large corporations is having a nationwide effect, as can be seen by increased unemployment, foreclosures, millions of people with no health insurance, homelessness, decreases in school funding, etc. Corporations in general are not bad, nor are banks. It is their contributions to the widening income gap, as well as their use of that income to buy favors from our elected officials that is the problem.

    • joseph zach says:

      I myself, if I were not phsically disable, (USMA 69-70 72-76) would be protesting absinst CORPORATISM.

      so what IS corporatism?


      it is CORPORATIONS paying off Clinton & Gore to have Vice President Gore head a committee to PAY American Corporations to move factories over seas for cheaper wages. that’s right to SUBSIDIZE that action

      Corporatism is having a pawn like George W Bush loot the national inventories from every thing from fibers to stock piles of silver bullion, sold at bargain basement prices t CORPORATIONS, who then re-sell it for LARGE COrporate profits.

      Corporatism is haveing GIGANTIC “input” into the political structure during a Faux COld War, spending (I prefer the term FRITTERING AWAY) billions against foes who never actually , REALLY had the ability OR the intention to attack, invade and invest Main Land USA. for decades.

      Corporatism is passing laws by BOTH political parties in BOTH houses of CONgress, for the benefit of Corporations indemnifying them against legal and proper law suits for massive anti human culpability. Bad disease vaccines comes readily to mind.

      Corporatism is when political whores & Prostitutes STILL get elected over and over even after poll after poll show that most of the laws they pass, are agains tthe will of We the Poeple.

      I could go one but what’s the use

      the fact that the protestors utilize modern day items made (or should I say IMPORTED from foreign countries) Corporations is disingenuous to say the least.

      these who write this think (?) or believe (?) that the protestors should use telegraphs? Morse Code? basement printed hand bills ? to get their message across? and NOT to do so is hypocritical?


      these protests are the Chickens Returning to Roost, Blow Back of half a century of anti-human and Anti-AMerican People government and CORPORATE activities. nothing else.

      expect more of these protest activites.

      expect it to get MUCH uglier.

      expect the police SOONER rather than later, to be ordered to actually being killing off the weakest of the Protestors.

      those who would rule the freaking Planet WANT an excuse to take over everything

      the whole ball of wax

      ’nuff said fro me

      and that be for sure

  29. terrence murray says:

    I keep reading these comments referring to the UCMJ , in my day called the UCMI (Injustice), a code of conduct used by the military to keep absolute control of its enlisted personnel. First of all the Sgt. is no longer a member of the US military, he is a civilian and therefor the UCMI does not pertain to him. The Bill of Rights does. Secondly, all of the individuals that seem to be against the message that these veterans are espousing seem only able to reiterate talking points that I have heard consistently coming from the talking heads at Fox non-news channel. Third, as I recall, from many of the newsclips I witnessed of the tea party fiascos, again as seen on Fox, there were numerous, evidently active duty military personnel in uniform at those political rallies. Evidently, for those who espouse the right wing agenda in this country it is okay to disavow standing orders as long as they agree with you.

  30. Tom Arsenault says:

    I am a conservative,and ashamed that so many of my fellow americans would stand by and approve of peaceful protestors getting beaten and arrested for doing what the Constition and Bill Of Rights gives them the right to do.

    I do not agree with everything I see and hear about them,but I am smart enough to know that the peoplewho reporton this to the media are only going to get one side across. Do you think there is such a thing as “Fair and Balanced” reporting? There are honest news reprots anymore. All the media is controled by Wall St in on way or another. We have GMO’s forced on us, The farmers are in fear of just one of those altered seeds blowing on the field because the they can be sued and loose everything. Their rights taken by Wall St, The supreme Court tells us Corperations are persons,the take away our right to sue certain ones if one of their vaccines does damage to us or a loved one. We have lobbiest who by proxy takes away our rights and freedoms by buying our so called public servants “we” elected to defend our rights.
    If any of you idiots think those folks protesting are rebels without a cause I suggest you firmly grab youe head with both hands ,and pull as hard as you can to remove it from your ass.
    I may not agree with everthing they say,but as the saying goes, I will defend their right to say it.
    There are fringe elements in politics on the right and left, to focus on those seems like a standard the reporters are sent to do.
    I hope to God they can get the word out and wake up those who are still warm,cozy,well fed,and healthy.

  31. Tom Arsenault says:

    Please excuse the typos,and mis spelled words

  32. Zeus Helmets says:

    I am certainly not enough that the meaning of You Know, For a Crazy Homeless Person, Hes Pretty Cut. | My …, try to think up Friday.

  33. big kc says:

    if he truly is a marine i respect what he did, but something tells me he isnt. 1: its against the rules for marines to wear cammies out in public. 2: his cammies didnt even fit properly which wouldnt ever happen if he were stationed on pendleton or quantico because they keep you on a pretty strict dress code

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