1% Defectors

Preface: The same reader who wrote Wearing the 99% Badge wrote this post.

Most of the 1% aren’t really 1%, they are the 99% in special circumstances. Still people do forget who they are.

The police are agents of the 1%, but as humans they are really 99%. The police are the 99% when they go home. They are the 99% when they retire. We need the police to decide to come back to protect the 99% when they are on the job. The arrest of officers such as Lt. John Pike at UC Davis will help remind all police officers that they need to make a choice. Either be part of the 99% or be an agent of the 1%. However, if things go wrong while being an agent of the 1%, the 1% will leave them to twist in the wind. The arrest of Lt. Pike and the loss of his job, pension and employment prospects is a healthy reminder for all police officers.

Chancellor Katehi at UC Davis is a 1%er, but the 1% will let her twist in the wind. All the other university chancellors in the US need to be reminded of this. Defect to the 99% before it is too late.

After the police and other enablers of the 1% defect, the 1% will be reduced to the 1% of the 1%. It will be a very lonely place to be.

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