Mr. 1% Thinks He’s Above the Law: Bloomberg Violates Court Order to Allow Occupy Protesters Back In Park


Billionaire Wall Street alum Bloomberg says he personally made the decision to brutally evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters last night.

As part of the sweep, police hit in the head and arrested  New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez (other council members marched down to the police station to demand his release).

An Occupy Wall Street media spokesman called it:

A military style raid on peaceful protesters camped out in the shadow of Wall Street, ordered by a cold ruthless billionaire who bought his way into the mayor’s office.

Once again, reporters have been targeted. As the New York Times tweets:

Looks like about 2 dozen arrests at church-owned lot next to Duarte Park at Canal St., incl. journos from AP, DailyNews, DNAInfo.

The Times also notes:

Among the more than 200 people arrested on Tuesday was a reporter for The Local East Village, The Times’s hyperlocal blog run out of New York University’s journalism program. The reporter, Jared Maslin, was rounded up along with other protesters on Broadway near Zuccotti Park around 2 a.m. He managed to keep his camera rolling for a while, as he shouted at the police “I am a reporter. This is my press credential.”

Mr. Maslin was released in the morning and charged with disorderly conduct. Read his post and watch his video on The Local East Village.

And see this and this.

But the protesters obtained a temporary restraining order from Judge Lucy Billings, stating that they could stay – with tents – in the park.

Mr. 1% responded by Refusing to honor the judge’s order, and instead blocking the protesters from returning to the park

See this, this and this.

Update: The City appealed the restraining order, and the new judge – Michael Stillman – has denied the temporary restraining order.

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