Peaceful Protesters Hit By Car … Police Charge Protesters, Not Driver

Police Harass Protesters, Not The Driver Who Hit Them

Several peaceful protesters were struck by a car in Washington, DC. But the police charged the protesters, not the driver.

AP reports:

Lt. Christopher Micciche (MITCH’-ih-kay) of the D.C. police said the driver was not cited because he had a green light when his vehicle struck the three on Friday night.

He said witnesses told police that the three pedestrians “either ran toward or jumped in front of the moving vehicle.” He said one pedestrian jumped on the hood of the car. One of them was cited for being in the roadway.

“The protesters were apparently trying to block the roadway,” Micciche said. “It was essentially an accident where three individuals were injured but they were in violation by being in the roadway.”

But the Washington Post points out that the protesters have a very different version of events:
he witness accounts provided by the police contradicted the description of the events some protesters gave The Post.

The witness accounts provided by the police contradicted the description of the events some protesters gave The Post.

About 500 protesters stood in the streets at half a dozen intersections around the building, preventing cars from coming or going.

Several said that their aim was to prevent those inside from leaving.

One the protesters appeared to be struck at the center of the convention center, where M Street bisects the building. Two others were standing near the intersection of New York Avenue and 7th Street NW, according to eyewitnesses.

Jesse Folks, 29, of Riverdale, said he was standing in the street with several dozen protesters near the convention center when the car “just gassed it into a bunch of people.”

When asked whether the protesters should have been standing in the street at all, Folks said, “we were in the street, but this guy didn’t even give us a chance to get out of the way.”

Crooks and Liars notes:

I was at this press conference last night with the Assistant DC Police Chief.

The Sippel Family, two mothers, one pregnant and their 13-year-old son in from Dayton, Ohio were mowed down by a driver near a Koch brothers protest at their Americans for Prosperity conference in DC on Friday night. They were taken to the hospital where they were issued citations (while being wheeled into a CT scan) for going against the “don’t walk” sign and obstructing an intersection. The driver of the car was let go with no citations at all.

The police admitted they are not aware of a second incident – before the Sippels were hit – involving a young woman who’s recovering from her injuries.

What didn’t make it into the video is the statement from the police chief: “All we’ve done in the last 24-hours is to interview two non-involved witnesses.”

So really, if you want to plow into pedestrians in DC – apparently you just have to do it in front of “involved witnesses” and no one sees nothing.

The guy hit four people in two separate incidents a block away from each other. He struck a pregnant tourist and her 13-year-old son in front of a hundred witnesses and video cameras. It’s injustice and outrageous.

See my exclusive video of the moment police let the driver drive away here.

Hard to Take In a Vacuum, Given Related Incidents

Of course, it is difficult to take this event in a vacuum, given such incidents as the Army ranger brutally beaten in Oakland and then arrested, the New York motorcycle police man running over a legal observer in New York and then arresting him (and see this), and related incidents.

In Response, DC Police Chief Says Police Will Get Tougher … On Protesters

One would assume that the police chief – when faced with a public outcry over the hit-and-run incident – would vow to vigorously  protect the protesters against all attacks.

Instead, she announced that she was going to “get tough” on the protesters.

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