How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site and Reduce Your Hosting Costs

Reduce Your Hosting Fees and Improve Your Site’s Usability

There are 60 million WordPress websites. No wonder … WordPress is a great platform.

But – if you don’t tweak your WordPress site – it will load more slowly, give a poor user experience, interfere with your search rankings, and drive up your hosting fees.

Test Your Baseline

Before you start tweaking your site, test the baseline loading speed and bandwidth usage.

Click on Is My Blog Working?, enter your site’s url, and then check out your current stats. If it’s taking more than a second or two to load, and if you don’t see an impressive number to the right of “Bandwidth saved by compression”, then get ready to see a serious improvement in performance.

Delete Extraneous Plug-Ins

If you’ve installed a bunch of miscellaneous WordPress plugins, you will likely slow down your site and suck up bandwidth. Every time someone accesses your site, the plugins may be called into action … and this can penalize you both in terms of speed and bandwidth expenses.

Get W3 Total Cache and Smush.It

Two plugins you should install are W3 Total Cache and WP

W3 Total Cache reduces load time by caching, compressing and organizing your data. WP reduces the size of the graphical files on your site. Graphics tends to hog a lot of bandwidth.

This video explains the basics of both programs:

These videos show you in a step-by-step fashion how to set up W3 Total Cache:

After installing W3 Total Cache and, test your site again on Is My Blog Working … You should see a big improvement.

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6 Responses to How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site and Reduce Your Hosting Costs

  1. Rasel Rony says:

    I’m using both W3 Total Cache and WP

  2. bryant says:

    Awesome… Thanks for the help.

  3. FixPHP says:

    I use another plug in for cache but I never used WP Thanks for such great advices

  4. greg allman says:

    Thanks for the post – went with super cache as doesn’t seem like W3 total cache has been updated for a while.

  5. macho says:

    amazing write-up

  6. Alex Florescu says:

    For anyone interested in an 2016 update to this article, here’s a list of image optimization plugins worth trying:

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