While the Whole 2012 Thing Is Bunk, the Alignment of Our Solar System MAY Cause Periodic Extinction Events on Earth

Are Periodic Mass Extinctions on Earth Caused By Variations In the Alignment or Movement of Our Solar System?

As I noted Wednesday, the “Mayan 2012 prophecy” is bunk.

But – digging a little deeper – it appears that some scientists have proposed that regular variations in the alignment or movement of our solar system over the course of many millions of years – perhaps even alignment with the galactic plane – may periodically cause mass extinctions on Earth.  See this, this, this, this and this.

This theory:

  • Is still being hotly debated between scientists
  • Even if true, would be on a completely different timescale than the 2012 myth.

In other words, this is something which would be interesting – and perhaps valuable – to study in the long-term … but there is no urgency to figure it out this year.

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