The Cost of Copyright Piracy

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  1. paul says:

    More and more it seems that formerly deeply trusted media figures have been turning into propagandists for evil. George Clooney seemed to be opposed to war several years ago. Now he stunts for it. Angeline Jolie seemed to care about the children several years ago, and seemed to champion the notion that movie stars didn’t have to be vapid entertainers. Now she is the point of the propaganda spear for the neo-imperial US conquest of Africa. Bruce Springsteen once stood strong against Reagan. Recently he helped foist Obama on us, and still stands by the latest WPIH (Worst President In History). But as I recall, this wave of celebrity brutalism started when trusted music stars came out in favor of fascistic copyright laws. Their real motivation seemed to be “I made my pile and now I want more,” but, as I recall, they claimed to be standing up for the myriads of less successful musicians who supposedly were being fleeced by the existence of distribution systems not controlled by the corporate giants…

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