Must See Film: Michael Moore Meets Hunter S. Thompson


Former lawyer John Titus has made a fantastic movie called Bailout: The Dukes of Moral Hazard.

It’s a cross between Michael Moore and Hunter S. Thompson.

Titus walks away from his mortgage, and uses the money to take his buddies – including professional comedian John Fox – on a Winnebago tour around the country

They go on a bender, meet some of the Americans hurt by Wall Street and D.C. financial fraud, and show outstanding interviews with some of the top financial minds in the country, including Karl Denninger, Yves Smith and Christopher Whalen, as well as journalists Chris Hedges, Dylan Ratigan, political commentator Noam Chomsky and former hedge funder and publisher Steve Megremis.

Viewers also hear from Tom Dart, the Cook County Illinois sheriff who’s stood up to the banks by thwarting various foreclosure efforts more than once.

The movie contains amazing soundbites such as this, from America’s leading independent banking analyst Chris Whalen:

We’re going back to a monarchy/corporate statism … That’s really what it is.  It’s not left and right anymore. It’s the individual versus the corporate state.

Viewer beware. This is a gritty movie, with frequent swearing, and heartbreaking interviews with down-and-out people who have lost their houses.

It is also a must-see movie … both because of it’s hard-hitting expose on Wall Street fraud, and because it shows the effect of that fraud on the 99% more viscerally than any other movie I’ve seen.

William Banzai was involved with creative input in the movie (and provided some of the graphics). Mr. Banzai tells me:

It was a pleasure providing Titus with creative input.

I enjoy watching this film because it presents the Subprime debacle and the continuing financial frauds being perpetrated on ordinary Americans as viewed from the perspective of ordinary Americans. The kinds of ordinary Americans that I love to be around. They joke, they use profanity, they care about each other and they know when they are being fucked , in this case by Wall Street, even though the details of how it is happening seems elusive at times.

The music is great, the filming is gritty and the dialogue ranges from hilarious, to touching to inspiring. What more could I ask for.

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