2012 2nd half: should 1% criminal arrests be journalists’ #1 explicit theme?

What do you think? 

If you’d like to discuss, I’ll respond to comments on Washington’s Blog, Daily Censored, and Examiner.com versions of this article for at least the next three days.

This is what I see:

  1. Whether the year number “2012” is important or not, what is important is ending the escalating 1%’s crimes centering in war and money that in 2012 continue to kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of our dollars.
  2. Ending these crimes seems to require that the 99% recognize the 1%’s actions as criminal, and then make it safe for law enforcement to risk arresting the powerful.
  3. Because corporate media has not taken this “emperor has no clothes” obvious step of reporting, they are likely to continue their propaganda role to distract from the crimes and protect their fellow 1% oligarchs. Independent writers and activists could take the theme of the 1%‘s crimes and run with it.

The accomplishment of the criminal 1%’s lawful arrests ends the crimes, opens the possibility for Truth and Reconciliation for minions to expose the whole stories of how and what the 1% have done, and allows freedom for obvious economic solutions that nurture success for 100% of the planet’s inhabitants.

Independent writers and activists currently have the theme of criminal acts when they accurately describe what the 1% does in war and money, but it’s not always explicit and rarely calls for arrests.

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