CA CAFR: Senator Liu passes $600B issue to college intern after 3 weeks silence

Regarding the data (video interview explanation here) of Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) that show taxpayer surpluses in the literal trillions while government officials tell the public our “only option” is austerity, Senator Carol Liu’s consultant Robert Oakes told me via phone last week that he referred the issue to one of his staff and to get back to him.

This week, Robert said he didn’t have an answer and told me who he referred this $600 billion issue to: Sterling Thomas. I looked him up, and found he’s a summer college intern.

Sterling has not responded to my two e-mails from four and two days ago, and one phone message.

I’m happy to empower Sterling with CAFR data, and encourage his strongest recommendation for Senator Liu’s public statement.

I’ll keep you posted as to progress.

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