Walter Burien explains how non-disclosure of CAFR data is criminal business

Walter Burien is the pioneer of communicating how Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) data to expose government is retaining trillions in taxpayer assets without informed consent, and with only token benefits going to taxpayers. Corporate media is complicit in keeping the 99% disinformed. Walter wrote regarding my communication with a district attorney to explore criminal law enforcement to remedy these fraudulently-held taxpayer trillions (update here):

“Your best leg to stand on per that issue is doing a parallel of SEC law per public company disclosure. There every company MUST (is required) send every shareholder if they have one-share or ten-million owned in the company their Annual Financial Report each year. A clear effort for open disclosure is required. If they failed to do so, it is an indictable offense. If they colluded to intentionally hold it back in an attempt to fudge the numbers and screw the shareholders through lower payouts, every director involved would get hit with a forty-count indictment, be convicted, and sentenced to a long term at San Quentin.

The exclusion of disclosure of the CAFR over the last 40-years is obvious.

Would their only defense be: Does not apply to us?

What puts the final nail in their coffin was the fact that: To pull off holding back your AFR from open and public disclosure, it REQUIRED the full cooperation of the syndicated media; controlled education; and both political parties over the last forty-years. It is also obvious that that aspect was well in place DUE-TO-THE-MONEY-AND-CONTROL-INVOLVED. Much grease on the skids to have pulled that one off and be as effective as they were in doing so.

An appropriate analogy would be: If the Catholics never heard of the Bible based on a cooperative effort maintained by the players behind the Vatican. The Bible is the holy grail of the Catholic church and the CAFR is the holy grail of any large local government…

Please share my comments with those you are communicating with.”
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