CA Finance Director: “No hidden money;” CA CAFR: $600 billion in ‘hidden’ money

California’s Finance Director, Ana Matosantos, criminally lies when she claims the $54 million “found” in the Parks and Recreation Department books is an “anomaly,” “there are no other hidden pots of money.”

Ms. Matosantos’ lie can be verified within minutes for anyone who cares to look: California’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) shows $600 billion in surplus taxpayer assets exactly like the “hidden” $54 million.

Ms. Matosantos’ statement is an “emperor has no clothes” obvious crime, of course. This implicates political “leadership” of both parties because they know what their own financial report contains. Both parties choose to lie to the public at the magnitude of 35 times the budget deficit claimed to “force” austerity with no other options. Moreover, it is implausible that corporate media is unaware of what independent media has broadcast and documented for years with these colossal CAFR surplus accounts.

Every lie from the US 1% helps the 99% recognize their position: oligarchs concentrated in government and key corporate cartels (including media) use the public as 21st Century serfs.

The cartels loot trillions every year in ever-more apparent crimes centered in so-called “banking” and the rigged-casinos of Wall Street, government illegally attacks ever-more nations to lord over natural and human resources, and cartel media distract and lie to protect these crimes.

The 1% psychopathic crimes annually kill millions, harm billions, and transfer trillions of the 99%’s hard-earned wealth to themselves.

In contrast, obvious solutions in monetary and credit reform, with consideration of CAFR-revealed taxpayer assets can immediately provide full-employment, renewed infrastructure, and overall falling prices.

The 99% have a choice:

  • complacent serfdom under constant attack of lies, debt, and death,
  • or assertion of “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts, lawful arrests, and policies for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants’ success.

What do you choose, and what will you think, say, and do to help earn your choice?

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