Disneyland vacation reflection: Anytown, USA can have such beautiful landscape

Public landscaping is a public service, and among the choices to upgrade after fully updating and funding schools, roads, and other vital hard and soft infrastructure. Optimal infrastructure is ours in three steps:

  1. the 99% make “emperor has no clothes” obvious factual assertions of obvious crimes centering in money and war by our 1% oligarchs in banking/finance, government, and corporate media for lying about these crimes,
  2. the 99% demand lawful arrests for these crimes; for example, war law forbids armed attack unless first attacked by another nation’s government. This prima facie evidence makes current US armed attacks in 6 countries now, War Crimes.
  3. We enact obvious reforms in money, credit, and CAFR accounting.

Monetary reform creates debt-free money for the direct payment of public goods and services. This causes three game-changing benefits: full-employment as government becomes the employer of last resort for infrastructure investment, optimal infrastructure, and falling overall prices because infrastructure historically always produces more economic output than cost of its inputs.

It’s not hard to “imagineer” into the future that public beauty in architecture and landscaping will be on the public agenda once we’re free from the 1%’s psychopathic agenda of death, debt, and lies. Indeed, the three reforms I list will quickly be overtaken by resource-based economics or something better, which will open unimaginable creativity for public beauty and function.

I just spent four days in Disneyland with friends and family. I marveled at the beauty of plants, flowers, and water (video here). That small community could be Anytown, USA when people have economic freedom with free time to imagine (with ~50,000 visitors/day, Disneyland requires far more upkeep, of course). This is not a comment about Disney or Disneyland except for their landscaping. I have pointed to Pixar as providing excellent allegory of our 99% and 1% relationship.

Because we have the people, resources, and desirable work to do, the absence of green pieces of paper to bring them together for optimal infrastructure and beauty is a tragic-comic lie that’s a perfect example of the 1%’s figurative and literal bankrupt economic paradigm.

How close are we to this economic breakthrough? I say we’re almouse there; just a whisker away from Anytown being a happiest place on Earth.

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