Manhattan Subway Floods … Cars Float Down Wall Street

New York City Swamped by Hurricane Sandy

As of 8:48 p.m. East Coast time, the tide height at New York Harbor at the Battery is 13.72 feet … and rising:

This is not only more than 7 feet above flood stage, but it has obliterated the previous record of 11.2 feet set in 1821.

The New York Times reported on cars floating down Wall Street, and there are numerous stunning photos of a very wet Manhattan.

Update: Water is flooding into the subway, the Ground Zero construction site, a financial district garage, the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel:

And the Midtown Tunnel:

And there was a major explosion at a Con Edison facility:

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8 Responses to Manhattan Subway Floods … Cars Float Down Wall Street

  1. John Russell says:

    Too bad those cars weren’t packed full with Corporate Bankers

    If a busload of Corporate Bankers goes over a cliff what do you call it?

    A shame

    If a busload of Corporate Bankers goes over a cliff and one of them live what do you call it?

    A damn shame ….

  2. If the human species will not seek ways to live in balance with nature, the balance will be restored nonetheless.

    Species that fail to adapt become extinct. There is no exception for Homo sapiens. Simply being being arrogant enough to believe we are above this law does not make it so.

    The creatures we named dinosaurs dominated Life on Earth for over 200 million years before being destroyed by forces beyond their comprehension. Not their fault. Could happen to any species.

    After a paltry 200 thousand years, “modern man” teeters on the brink of extinction as a result of his own anthropocentric hubris.

  3. amerikagulag says:

    Must be god’s revenge against the gays again….like Katrina.

  4. Water damage to a car? Im thinking of getting a car and saw a one that said Water damage. Is that as bad as Flooded car? Is it worth it to buy?

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