Love: our purpose for government, economics, media

Realized love is Occupy’s third of three basic goals:

  1. Awaken the 99% to the 1%’s obvious crimes centering in war and money.
  2. End the crimes by surrender or Truth and Reconciliation (and here).
  3. Build a brighter future for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants.

Love is what my colleagues/friends conclude is missing most between “leadership” today and 100% of Earth’s inhabitants’ success and happiness.

We also feel the time is now for humans to choose between love and the criminal 1’s current system of perpetual wars, crushing poverty, and controlled media disinformation.

Among Americans, many claim Jesus as their personal guide on this question. Jesus claimed both Jewish Law’s most important commandment and His own one commandment:


Given the life and death importance of what government does today, and what it can do for powerful and inspirational teamwork of what we most cherish to build:

For God’s sake choose fully, choose wisely, and realize your choice.

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