ABC News Interviews Alex Jones

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  1. Jack Fowler says:

    I am not pro gun, oh NO!

    BUT…… if I had been on a peaceful Norwegian Island & some nutter with an “assault riffle” found his way on to it &started killing everyone there I have to say, I think, I would at least have liked the option of a hand gun & if I had had the choice to select what he had illegally obtained I probably would have gone for that.

    Though I do get what is meant by; “an eye for an eye &everyone goes blind”

    As for Alex Jones; YES it is easy to take a small piece of info and turn it into whatever you wish, given your agenda , GOVERNMENTS know how to do this very efficiently! BUT that doesn’t mean that that can not be evidence to show a greater “conspiracy”. ENRON is a good example of this. Some people , allot in the mass media, ridiculed those as “nuts” to suggest that a few traders were reasonable for shutting down the electricity supply to large parts of California BUT sure enough it turned out to be TRUE..!

    As for 9/11 well YES it was a conspiracy. You would have to have your head stuck quite deep in the sand not to see that……a group of people conspired together….. the theory bit comes within the question/s WHO & HOW?…..& what evidence is there to suggest its different than what is called “the official version” well for me and often it does get personal, there are holes all over the “official version” not least how over 40 floors of steel and concrete can collapse in 7 seconds(World Trade Centre 7) due to “office fires” ummmmmmm I think that is why over 1500 architects and engineers also question the “official version” and the people behind such “evidence”!

  2. Jack Fowler says:

    And if you doubt the 9/11 story then the dots are not that far apart to see what Mr Jones is getting at, that being; the US is under real threat and not from some people in caves……and if I can see that, from over here in Cornwall ,then I think A large proportion of those in the States must me able to see it also !

    Bin laden thrown in the Med my tutu………I mean how daft does the narrative have to get?

  3. geepers says:

    Were they threatening him at the very end? the guys says “this man [Jones] with an agenda is being scrutinized very carefully”.

    Not sure what to make of Alex Jones. Whether the Main stress media is jsut using him because he’s an easy target with his emotional outbursts. Or if he has clandestine connections. Or whether he is a focal point of the Establishment because they want to instigate some kind of “revolution” in the US. Of course, if it was to stir up the masses, like they do in other nations, it’s goal is for whatever the wishes are of the ruling classes.

    This whole gun issue could be the trigger point (no pun intended) to get the masses to turn on each other. We shall see.

    • nomad says:

      ‘He’s now being scrutinized very carefully’ indeed. Does sound like a veiled threat. He’s also being listened to very seriously. Certainly made me aware of a lot of things. Don’t agree w everything he says. But on Bilderberg? 911? Very enlightening.

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