There’s One Thing Both Sides In the Gun Control Debate Can Agree On

Should We Trust in Government?

Whether you are for gun control or the right to bear arms, let’s agree to be honest.

The federal government has recently purchased hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition for use within the United States. (And purchases are allegedly ongoing.)

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid have carried concealed weapons to protect themselves.

And the newspaper which published the names and addresses of gun owners has itself hired armed guards to protect it.

So folks within government who are advocating gun control are only advocating that the American people be disarmed.

They not only reserve to themselves the right to carry weapons, but the government is buying insane amounts of weaponry for use within the United States. Indeed, police forces throughout the U.S. are being armed with military weapons.

Whatever you think about gun control, please acknowledge the objective situation: our government is becoming more and more armed, while it is asking us to disarm ourselves.

Therefore, whatever you think about gun control, you have to admit that the government is asking us to trust it, as it becomes armed to the teeth and asks us to give up our arms.

Given recent actions by folks in government (and the consolidation of power), do you trust our government?

Given that our government unjustifiably murders children abroad without even knowing who they are, do you trust it to only use arms against people who are violent?

Freud argued that when men gave up the primal drive to protect ourselves, our families and our communities – and that power was transferred to standing armies – it disempowered us and made us weak psychologically.

Gun control advocates and gun rights activists can debate in good faith as to whether the Second Amendment is antiquated or inapplicable to our current circumstances. The argument for gun control is obvious. We can debate in good faith whether guns themselves or other factors – such as a militarized society, where war and violence are glorified, or over-medication – are the problem.

Liberals tend to trust government more than conservatives … but with the merger of state and big corporations, that distinction has lost real meaning.

But let’s all be honest about one issue … and admit that we are being asked to trust our government – working hand in glove with the big banks – as they arm themselves to the teeth.

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15 Responses to There’s One Thing Both Sides In the Gun Control Debate Can Agree On

  1. Spencer says:

    Absolutely not, we should never trust government… ever! Not even when the intentions may seem good.
    All governments are the enemy of the people. Government is force & violence!

  2. gozounlimited says:

    My Own shoot-em-up, false flag, campus Helter-Skelter experience:

    In 99 I was finishing up my Masters Degree in a night class held in a newly constructed building. After getting settled and class underway, I heard a gunshot and a woman’s scream through the open door leading to the lobby. I yelled out to everyone in the room that what we heard was a gun shot, but everyone disagreed (with stupid faces) and continued on …. I became extremely agitated and shouted to cohorts … we should push the tables in front of the door and block entry. While my meltdown was occurring others came to their senses and decided that what we heard was in fact a gunshot. Everyone flew out the classroom into the lobby when they heard a wounded woman moaning and crying. I followed with plans to evacuate, when I saw students trying to use a malfunctioning security phone in the building seeking help from campus police, who up until now spent all their time cruising the small community giving out tickets to boost university income.

    I ran out of the building to alert the Chairs office and staff across the quad, stop students from entering the building with classes just starting, and tell the Swat Team, that showed up unexpectedly quickly, that the shooter was in the building somewhere ….. as far as we knew. And in fact he was….standing in the lobby with the rest of the students.

    Another case of a mentally unstable young man, son of a retired police officer, who was convicted but never sentenced to prison….he was/is mentally incompetent (his punishment was moving out of town with his father)….and what looked like, felt like, a big set up with little to no response from campus police. And where did this swat team come from so quickly, consisting of members from all parts of the county? Conducting a training exercise ….what? why?

  3. alhemist says:

    Good article. I agree 100%. We also need to know what has changed in the last 30 years to cause all these violent outbreaks. I believe it is satanic hollywood pushing this subliminally.

  4. alhemist says:

    Good article. I agree 100%. We also need to know what has changed in the last 30 years to cause all these violent outbreaks. I believe it is satanic hollywood pushing this subliminally.

    • Philistine says:

      The “violent outbreaks” you refer to have been in decline for 80 years. You suffer from the idea that nothing happened before your lifetime. Get the facts, these events are declining while at the same time our population is rising and becoming more armed.

  5. J. Bookly says:

    How can individuals, however well armed, defend themselves from the military might of the US government? Can a semi-automatic rifle defend against a drone? When we stopped working for the ideal of good government and started regarding government as the enemy, government got worse. As our expectations got lower and lower, so did the behavior of our government. A self fulfilling prophecy. Congratulations to us! This is an arms race we can’t win, so let’s at least consider trying something else. A possible first step: right and left can stop arguing over the dozens of things we disagree on, find two or three things we DO agree on, and start writing letters, running for office, and all that boring stuff. It could take 30 years but we might get our country back.

    • David Mills says:

      There will always be people who abuse government even in its most ideal form. You are essentially correct though; we have gutted the real purpose of the second amendment which is to fight a tyrannical government. To fight drones and tanks we would need stinger missiles and the like. The only way to do that is to have civilian armories and to make militias that are not state-sponsored. I don’t think there is much likelihood we can do that. So we all face a tyrannical state and it is getting more so everyday.

      But I don’t hold out much hope that the 99% can conquer the big money of the 1%. I think tyranny is in our future.

    • Washington Beltaway says:

      If they government are so unconcerned abouit non-government people with guns then why are they trying to restrict guns?
      For you take take the position you do, you have to explain that.
      The big fancy stuff like planes and tanks needs supplies. If rebels armed with little more than their own guns can disrupt those supplies, that’s a meaningful factor in any armed conflict.
      Guns are a sine qua non of any possible resistance and the government know that.
      You also seem to overlook the fact that it’s not only guns.
      Non-government have other resources too-drones, electronic warfre capability, cyberwar-loads of things.
      They still even have the ability to peacefully resist and engage in mass civil disobedience.

  6. James G says:

    They are buying ammo to use on American citizens. They dont want Americans who can fight back. Geneocide is in the future. Population reduction. Mergers of countries and governments who will use the survivors as slaves to the elite. A one world bank operated by the Masters who will live like kings while the sheeple starve.

  7. Bleachie says:

    “Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based of five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, or county commissioners.” – Edward Abbey

  8. It is simple. Morals and ethics rise and fall according to the times and actions brought about by evil people. We are at the bottom of what I like to call the human sound wave experience where all hell breaks loose and the immoral are slaughtered. That is what government is afraid of, for they know they are evil and cannot change. They see the writing on the wall and are working hard to disarm the American people before the majority finally figure out the depths of their immoral, unethical, parasitical, and unconstitutional behaviors and actions.

  9. Jon says:

    It is logical, and indeed the intent of the Ratifiers of the Constitution, that the People be as armed with personal firearms as are the infantrymen of any standing army. We simply must have a “citizen army” as a bulwark against any standing federal army. Human nature, and hence government nature, does not and has not changed throughout the millenia; Humans who achieve power will not stop until there is nothing more to steal, exploit, ravage, plunder and destroy. It is a fact. Only armed citizens can discourage this.

  10. INTJ says:

    Liberals, by definition, do not trust government and never have. So-called “progressives” are the ones who believe the state will bring us Nietzche’s Übermensch.

  11. tony says:

    Government is trinna take away all guns so they can take over us citizens and control us. What they don’t know is that trying to do so will start a big diversion. Checkout “fema region 3” on satisfied with they law now. But I as a us citizen should not be % 100 controlled by government which they are trinna do so. I am not a robot, im a human I control myself not the government. Example:the government law is not to jay walk, what do us citizens do? The opposite. Exactly. Dont nobody wants to be a puppet. If the government start treating citizen s polite, then maybe citizens would apply by there rules. They wanna try controlling us with force which won’t work.

  12. maryann26 says:

    I am not a gun owner, but I am against a disarmed citizenry.

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