2-minute video: Snuggly the Security Bear explains NSA metadata spying

Pulitzer Prize editorial cartoonist Mark Fiore’s two-minute video, has Snuggly the Security Bear calm your fears about NSA spying of all Americans’ communications’ metadata.

Reuters has an interesting article alleging sources with details of Edward Snowden’s online comments going back to 2001. Wait, does that mean government spying on Americans goes back at least that far???

President Obama says to trust government to spy on all of us, for our own security, or “we’re going to have some problems” (here, here).

It’s a choice, not a problem: either Americans choose the US Constitution, world peace, and economic abundance, OR un-American dicts by a 1% oligarchy entrenched in “leadership” of government, economics, and media.

The American choice is to arrest obvious criminals; spying is a minor charge compared with the annual millions war-murdered and poverty-slaughtered, billions harmed, and trillions of dollars looted in “emperor has no clothes” obvious War Crimes and economic fraud.

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