World Opinion Opposed to War Against Syria

Majorities In UK, Germany, US and Elsewhere Oppose Strike

Everyone knows that the American public is overwhelmingly opposed to war against Syria.

But Americans are not alone.

A new poll by The Sun shows that Brits oppose a missile strike against Syria by a factor of 2-to-1.

A new poll in Germany shows that 69% of the German people were against a military strike on Syria.

A Pew poll from May – after the previous chemical weapon attack – found:

Eight-in-ten Germans (82%) opposed such assistance, as did more than two-thirds of the French (69%) and a majority of the British (57%). Even the Turks (65%), who share a border with Syria and now house 300,000 refugees from the civil war, oppose military aid to the rebels.

Publics in the Middle East are even less supportive of the West getting involved. In five of the six countries that were surveyed in March in the region – Lebanon (80%), Turkey (68%), Tunisia (60%), Egypt (59%) and the Palestinian territories (63%) – publics opposed Americans or Europeans supplying the Syrian rebels with weapons.

Unfortunately, governments tend to do what they want and ignore the wishes of their people … all over the world.   So – without massive protest – the Syrian War will be launched soon.

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