U.S. Admits No Imminent Threat from Syria, No Clear Evidence Assad Ordered Chemical Weapons Attack

Obama Ramps Up War Pitch Even As Basic Arguments Fall by the Wayside

Obama is going on a whirlwind media blitz this week in an attempt to sell a very skeptical public on war with Syria.

Yet the Washington Post notes:

Obama’s top aide says the administration lacks “irrefutable, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence” that skeptical Americans, including lawmakers who will start voting on military action this week, are seeking.

Indeed, those who have seen the evidence say that it is incredibly weak.  German intelligence also says that Assad didn’t order the attacks.

Moreover, President Obama correctly noted in 2007:

The President does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

Yet Obama admitted last week:

Some people had noted, and I think this is true, that had I been in the Senate in the midst of this period, I probably would have suggested to a Democratic or a Republican president that Congress should have the ability to weigh in an issue like this, that is not immediate, imminent, time-sensitive.


We may not be directly, imminently threatened by what’s taking place inSyria … in the short term, but our long-term national security will be impacted in a profound way, and our humanity is impacted in a profound way.

No wonder that Obama has lost some of his biggest initial supporters for a strike against Syria.

Reuters notes:

White House efforts to convince the U.S. Congress to back military action against Syria are not only failing, they seem to be stiffening the opposition.

That was the assessment on Sunday, not of an opponent but of an early and ardent Republican supporter of Obama’s plan for attacking Syria, the influential Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee, Mike Rogers.

Rogers told CBS’s “Face the Nation” the White House had made a “confusing mess” of the Syria issue. Now, he said, “I’m skeptical myself.”

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6 Responses to U.S. Admits No Imminent Threat from Syria, No Clear Evidence Assad Ordered Chemical Weapons Attack

  1. James says:

    Of course it’s a confusing mess. Because the only way a liar has when they are caught is to confuse the issue so much that the original lies are forgotten.

    Two weeks ago Oblama said he was “certain” that Assad was to blame. Now he says that intelligence never meets the level of courtroom proof. So which is it?

    For three weeks he’s been claiming that we were going to bomb Syria so they couldn’t bomb themselves with chemical weapons – an absolutely ludicrous argument. But now they are floating the idea that we really want to bomb Syria in order to scare Iran – an even more ludicrous argument. Which is it?

    A year ago Oblama claimed the “red line” that cannot be crossed. Now he claims he didn’t create the red line, it was created by others. Which is it?

    Allegedly the CIA met with rebel leaders on August 13-14 and told them to be ready for an escalation that would allow the US to bomb Syria, and they were to prepare to go in and depose the government. There are numerous reports that the rebels possessed the chemicals and released them. However Oblama claims he has some kind of proof that Assad released the chemicals, yet he can’t produce that evidence. Which is it?

    This is a classic case of an weak leader caught in a lie by his people. A strong leader would simply admit the errors and move on to a diplomatic solution. An Insane leader would forge ahead. A weak leader keeps trying new lies until either he destroys his credibility or finds a new one that works – not understanding that history is not kind to lying Presidents. Which is he?

  2. Nicole Guihaumé says:

    12 former intel say it was not Bachar. A must read. They sent a memo to Obama on the 6th of September :


  3. hvaiallverden says:

    This, americans is a result of, and I know this will not be taken lightly, a result of decades of institutionalised Paranoia and a relic from the Cold War era, just continuing with a “new enemy”.

    All of us knows this, and the fact is that this Syrian senario, was from the beginning a western baced invasjon force, not a sivil war as the MSM pimps it to be, thats a twisting of reality. I had followed the “arab spring” for years since its one of the few people uprisings I know would change the world, so I folowed it from Tunis to Libya, when I realised the Bollocs about Revolution, and I will not go into details, but the “controll” of this “arab spring” was massive. And they created sites after siten sopousedly to be various “groups” as the Amazigh a.s.o. all fake, because I had a special inntress in the Berber/Amazigh people of North Africa. In Mali, before the UssA/France overtock/cuped the legale gov. that just some weeks before wonn the election, and the Berbars and others where setteling into a peace agreement, all this f…up by the very same force that is doing the war in Syria.
    The Boko Haram is fully controlled by the western and finnansed by the same.
    ALl the North African “freedom” movments or groups are all, backed by the UssA/Israel/NATO.
    All of them.

    All over the world the UssA is fuling wars and violence, flooding the world with weponds.

    I also know that the moment I the videos came out I was shocked, we all where, but it took me just minutes to realise this videoes was not what they wanted it to be, the are not Fake in that sence that something did really happened, but the senario pimped in the MSM was totaly wrong and based on morornic statments from the same pack of idiots trying to sell us the AGW.
    For two years the Syrian people and Assad gov. have fighted the FSA, and just reasently, some half a year ago they/syria gott the upper hand, with the help of Hezbollah.

    I know they have lied about everything, and I have to remind people, that this is NOT a sivil war, its a foregin backed invasjon, like many times before, facts is that I cant remeber a sivil war, NOT suported by an outside force, can you, because I cant, moust of them backed by the UssA.
    That list is a mile long.
    And started, 275 years ago.
    With the founding of the USA.

    I know they have lost it, the only option left is an Fals flagg, the one I wait for, it will come, I hope not, but the f….. are in a corner and like all animals, the next move is critical.
    The presnet gov. must be arrested and flunged it to the deepes dungeons we can muster and the trow away the keys, then humanity may have a chance.
    I want them on their knees, to begg for forgivnes and say out loud that WE will not go to war, only then and when the shipps are leaving the Levante/mediteranian sea vcan and will we thrust the sick f…

    That would be the signal, untill then, the sick f… in charge will try anything to make the war a reality, and watch the even more insane f… in Israel.
    They and the AIPAC have cornered them selfs, no suprice at all.
    The second is that this time, the alternative news is the one I will give all the credit to, without them and sites like this, and WRH we would NOT be in this possition.
    And belive me, I will hammer this, into the people.
    The MSM have finaly lost what ltile credibility they had left, that have vaporiced completely, even the sutpid f… in my land have notised this, hurray.

    We are not done yett, the f…. will try some last minute stunt.
    We are at a critical moment.
    We must NOT stopp.


  4. Galloping Libertarian says:


    We urgently need feet on the ground in
    Washington DC all week to talk to their Congressional Representatives to
    stop this foreign lobby from getting us into another war.

    >>> This Event Will Run All Week From Sept 9 to Sept 13 2013 <<>> This is not our conflict and we need to not start World War 3. <<<


    If you cannot make it to DC please call your Representative and urge
    them to vote no and to stay out of this potential nightmare. (202)

    Please share this event with all your facebook friends.

    Stop AIPAC's Effort To Get The US Into Another War In Syria


    Tweet it.

    Share it.

    Post it everywhere.

  5. James Whitten says:

    I’m really curious how they will ultimately BS their way into this, but I will make one prediction: Within the next month or two, after the limited operations start, we will hear – The President never said there wouldn’t be boots on the ground! Where did you hear that? Drudge? Wink, wink!


  6. nearboston says:

    a) the leaks about Benghazi being a back door supply route for arms to the rebels will be confirmed. Barry is just waiting for his Ollie North to come forward and take the fall.
    b) Barry will link the attack on the annex to Assad.
    c) The Administration will figuratively drag the bodies through the streets to gin up support
    d) Barry Bombs Bashir.

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