Snowden Urges Americans to Attend Anti-Spying Rally

Stop Watching Us

A coalition including Mozilla, Reddit, Ben & Jerry’s, ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Citizen, EPIC, Demand Progress, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Freedom Works, Daniel Ellsberg, web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, Glenn Greenwald and many others is holding a rally this Saturday – October 26th – to protest NSA spying.

The coalition is called “Stop Watching Us”:

Edward Snowden made the following statement:

In the last four months, we’ve learned a lot about our government.

We’ve learned that the U.S. intelligence community secretly built a system of pervasive surveillance. Today, no telephone in America makes a call without leaving a record with the NSA. Today, no internet transaction enters or leaves America without passing through the NSA’s hands. Our representatives in Congress tell us this is not surveillance. They’re wrong.

Now it’s time for the government to learn from us. On Saturday, the ACLU, EFF, and the rest of the StopWatching.Us coalition are going to D.C. Join us in sending the message: Stop Watching Us.

This is not a general, unfocused protest. Rather, it is a demand for 3 specific things:

First, we are asking for a congressional investigation so we can shed light on exactly what the National Security Agency is doing. Secondly, we ask for reform of federal surveillance law, specifically Section 215 of the Patriot Act, section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and the state secrets privilege. The third thing we ask for is that the public officials who are responsible for hiding this be held accountable for their actions.

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