World Bank Senior Attorney: 1% are ‘thugs, crooks, liars; everyone knows it’

hat-tip: Michael Snyder of Activist Post (and with more key info)

This 23-minute interview is Karen Hudes explaining what she learned as World Bank Senior Counsel until she was fired for whistleblowing in 2007:

  1. A 1% cabal control government, economics, media (and here), who commit obvious crimes in psychopathic destructiveness.
  2. Insiders are organizing and working to end the 1%’s crimes.
  3. The public must speak the truth to end these OBVIOUS crimes through firing/arrests of OBVIOUS criminals. Until this is done, we will never have obvious solutions.

Do you have the intellectual integrity and moral courage to state the “emperor has no clothes” obvious in language as direct as Karen Hudes?

The links above explain, document, and prove OBVIOUS illegal Wars of Aggression, bank and finance fraud in the trillions of damages every year, and Orwellian lies by 1% media as required accomplices to make these crimes possible.

These “thugs, crooks, and liars” annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions, including a million children dying from poverty every month in the most gruesomely slow agony imaginable.

How long will you stand by without your strongest voice and willpower to demand their arrests, demand media communicate comprehensive Truth, and have freedom for humanity?

What will you do?

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