Former American President and Vice President: NSA Spying Is Destroying the Constitution

Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Supreme Court Justices and Other Top U.S. Officials Warn that America Is Losing Its Democracy

Former President Jimmy Carter said in July that NSA spying on Americans meant that “America has no functioning democracy”.

Former Vice President Al Gore agreed this week:

I say that as someone who was a member of the National Security Council working in the White House and getting daily briefings from the CIA.


“[Snowden] has revealed evidence of what appears to be crimes against the Constitution of the United States“….

Many other high-level U.S. officials – including Supreme Court justices – have also warned that the U.S. is no longer a functioning democracy. A detailed analysis shows that they are correct.

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4 Responses to Former American President and Vice President: NSA Spying Is Destroying the Constitution

  1. markii says:

    for those who argue snowdens leaks have forewarned the terrorists and they might switch to other communications channels… this neednt mean more terror on our shores, it could equally mean less “surgical removal”(ie targeted drone strikes) and consequently less revenge killing (ie less terrorism on our shores),..this remains the question??

  2. Tonto says:

    Destroying the Constitution? The context of all this is what is missing.

    What America has to come to grips with is, corporations like Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Equifax and have been doing this sort of spying, and data collection, for as long as it has been possible. All these companies will knowingly publish false information concerning you, or your company, in order to extort more information from you when you call to get their errors corrected. The corporations do not care spit about invading your privacy. Credit reporting agency information comes from many sources, but it is nothing less than spying. Insurance companies do the same thing. All these corporations sell the data they have on each of us, to each other for marketing purposes, insurance rating, and for other credit economy purposes.

    This country literally is made of black lists and dossiers.

    Now the cuckoo, over-stuffed, outraged and flatulent American citizen is being riled up about spying, because government has been exposed (again) to be in the same business. This is a project where the government is desensitizing everyone about their privacy. How so?

    Come on, folks. Most states in the union, if not all, have been selling your data, drivers license information, auto registration information, voting information, employment information, income information, etc., to the highest bidders for decades. Universities sell your educational information too. And ObamaCare plainly states the government is going to be selling your medical data to the highest bidders. All this increasing privacy invasion is an old and never ending story.

    Face it. If someone will pay for information, then someone else will gather that information (true or not!) by whatever means possible to fill the spy order. You can hire a private detective to follow around and take pictures of your ex, and it’s not called, stalking.

    We do not live in a world that respects privacy whatsoever. That world ended as long ago as the Eighteenth Century, before which it was still entirely legal and entirely possible, if you were invading someone’s privacy, collecting, selling or publishing false or private information about them, you would end up shot dead, or skewered at the end of a sword, and rightly so! Our privacy though has become the victim of a society that doesn’t allow aggressive enforcement of what are now referred to as “rights”. Now, you are supposed to take your complaints to the police, or to a lawyer for civil prosecution.

    So, how’s that working out for ya? Are ya feeling helpless yet? Good! Because I want you all to know, when I was a kid, the cops in Westboro, Massachusetts used to go around on Friday and Saturday night to the places where the kids parked their cars. They would sneak up on those cars, pound on the roof of the car, at the very same time they would take a flash-picture of young lovers in the back seat of their car.

    Massachusetts is the god-damned, stinking colostomy bag of an intellectually ill nation. Massachusetts is a state where criminals run the justice system from top to bottom. Every single judge in Massachusetts is on the take. I’ve seen it for myself. These people are scum. And Americans commonly think of this enlightened, liberal, eastern state as a star in the heavens guiding the way toward nirvana.

    Blow it out your fat ass, Massachusetts. NSA is destroying the Constitution? I don’t think so. I think the Constitution has been just a piece of paper for more than a hundred years. When the Constitution was scribed, Americans had the right to protect themselves. Now, Americans just bend over and take it up the ass from all these liars.

  3. gozounlimited says:

    Maybe Al would also like to explain how low pressure displaced by geoengineering performed over the Pacific, by Weather Modification Inc, in order to stop rain in the Stanislaus Forest, caused this…… Super Typhoon Haiyan, perhaps strongest ever, plows across Philippines ….

    Saved the SF drinking water supply….. but decimated a country. You should be safe shorting any edible commodity in 2014…. no water, no least from Cali.

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