One World Leader Still Endorses NSA Spying

Former KGB Agent Stands By the NSA

All 3 branches of the U.S. government have concluded that the NSA has gone way too far … and that mass surveillance is unnecessary.

The U.N. General Assembly agrees.

But one government leader backs the NSA’s Orwellian spying … former KGB officer Vladamir Putin. Putin (on the left, wearing multiple cameras and a striped shirt) during Ronald Reagan’s visit to the Soviet Union

It is obvious that the former Soviet uber-spy’s endorsement is ironic. But there is a second potential explanation.

Putin also has a current net worth alleged to be between $40 billion and $70 billion, and a palace to rival the old monarchs of France.

The real purpose of mass surveillance is economic advantage, diplomatic manipulation, and social control.

The multi-billionaire – whether commie or capitalist – may just want to maintian control and increase his wealth.

Of course, top experts say that mass spying by the NSA makes the Internet more vulnerable to bad guys.

And huge chunks of North American Internet traffic have flowed to Russia and other strange places recently:


Have NSA shenanigans helped Mr. Putin by weakening the security of the web to the point where he can grab our data?  Maybe that’s one reason he likes it.

Postscript: Given that the American economy has gone from capitalism to socialism for the rich, and that the U.S. used communist torture techniques specifically aimed at extracting false confessions, it has become admittedly difficult to identify the players from the baseball roster these days.

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