Obama and Putin: Liar’s Poker

Painting by Anthony Freda

Obama and Putin Are Both Bending the Truth

Obama has certainly lied about the Ukraine crisis.   As Yves Smith notes:

Bush the Senior cut a deal with Gorbachev to facilitate the peaceful unwind of the USSR, which was that NATO would not move into former Warsaw Pact states. The Clinton Administration broke the pact, something that even dedicated cold warrior George Kennan regarded as a disastrous error. Destabilizing Ukraine, a country that had been part of Russia and is on Russia’s border, was taking the stealth battle against Russia too close to its doorstep.


the US appears to have the unrealistic expectation of getting Putin to pull troops out of Crimea, when their numbers, if not necessarily their location, are within treaty boundaries.

Obama has also pretended that the Ukrainian protests which led to the ouster of the old president were peaceful, and comprised solely of everday Ukrainians.

But even the BBC is now admitting that the leading spear of the protests were neo-Nazi fascists:

But Putin has now been caught lying, as well.   As Martin Armstrong notes:

For Obama to claim that a public vote in Crimea would violate the Constitution of Ukraine and International Law is really just as absurd that the same argument put forth by Putin that nothing in Kiev was legal because it was not signed by Yanukovych. There should be a vote, but it should be monitored independently to ensure it is real. To argue that no state may move to secede from a federal government is ridiculous. Obama said:

“Any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine. In 2014, we are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders.”

Texas has the ABSOLUTE right to secede from the United States if it so desired and the Washington has no right to invade Texas to prevent that – although they too would in the blink-of-an-eye. There are no “democratic” leaders in Kiev as of yet because this is a grass-roots uprising that distrusts anyone who has EVER been in government before.

Meanwhile, you cannot say the people have no right to decide their own fate because this violates the will of “democratic” leaders. No elected official has the right to trump the wishes of the people and let us call a spade a spade ….

Putin also said that he was withdrawing all of the Russian troops in Crimea back to their bunkers. But today, Russians troops allegedly tried to storm a Ukrainian air force base in Crimea. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, and will prevent war.

And Russia is supposedly enacting a law labeling journalists as terrorists.   (Even if true, Russia would simply be joining Japan, U.S. and Britain.)

In reality, it’s hard to know what’s really going, because there is so much propaganda flying on both sides …

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9 Responses to Obama and Putin: Liar’s Poker

  1. kimyo says:

    the leaked phone calls (nuland, estonian foreign affairs minister) indicate to me that putin owns at least a few nsa subcontractors. national security demands that these programs be shut down.

  2. berger friedrich-wolfgang says:

    Nice Try , to BALANCE the CREDIBILITY of US – Government & RUSSIA . But this a – historical Glimpse , can not Whitewash “zionistic US – WARMONGERS Character” !

  3. mmckinl says:

    Well we know what is going on … a putsch by the US and the EU. It was obvious by the EU trade deal terms that Russia was the target as the deal specified harsh terms for future Russian trade while bankrupting the Ukraine into IMF austerity.

    When at the last moment Yanukovych alerted by Russia understood what the EU was trying to pull and declined to sign Putin stepped in with a real plan, even offered to allow the EU to join in but this was not good enough for the Yanks who wanted regime change …

    Both Putin and Obama are being less than candid but the aggressors are clearly the US and the EU who have enlisted the help of fascists and neo-Nazis to realize this illegal regime change. Now these fascists control all the levers of law enforcement, national security, the courts and prosecution.

  4. human says:

    “To argue that no state may move to secede from a federal government is ridiculous.”

    Tell that to Lincoln. 150 years on and we still labor under his “a divided house can not stand” platitude.

  5. paul says:

    This is a very upsetting article, because it proposes that two things are the same which are absolutely not the same. Putin has mostly been reasonably candid. He has probably been least candid about exactly what his troops are doing, but I think that is to be expected. He’d have to be a whole lot less candid about that to be as uncandid as the secrecy-obsessed US government is, I suspect, about what it’s troops are up to.

    The US government, on the other hand, has been inverting truth to an extent that would shock Orwell. US establishment narratives are not only utterly ridiculous now, to the point where the best way to understand what is actually going on in a situation is probably to simply invert everything the US establishment says, and that’s not just to do with Ukraine, but these crazy-world narratives have even penetrated deep into the ‘alternative’
    media and intelligentsia, to the point where a blog like this one is falling all over itself to sustain them, at least a little bit, in the service – one supposes – of some bogus ‘fairness’.

    What happened in Ukraine was clearly a US-organized fascist coup. The evidence of this is plentiful and STILL YOU REFUSE TO SEE IT. Yes, of course it had a popular dimension. So did the Nazi takeover in Germany. Most fascist takeovers do. The genius of a fascist coup is the right mix of hard punching raw power (bombs, firearms, thugs, etc.) and some kind of popular frustration used as sheep’s clothing.

    Of course it’s not that Putin is a wondrous angelic truthteller. By any reasonable standards he’d be a horrible thug. But by the standards of the world we behold, yes, he is a truthteller. The establishment narratives get quite enough support without us supporting them in the name of ‘fairness’.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang says:

      There seems to be a “big Calculus” with the “individual Appeal & Understanding of FAIRNESS” . “Psychologically , or Emotionally” , “Fairness means to treat everyone the way , we want to be treated by them” . — But , who guarantees the “GOODWILLINGNESS of ALL” ? — Without the “VIRTUE of TRUTH” , “Fairness is just a fictional ILLUSION” . “CREATING a fair ‘imaginary’ BALANCE” , between “Two Entities” , by removing their “Historical CHARACTER”, is more than “Misunderstood FAIRNESS” , — it’s “deceitful CHEAT”, and therefore “EVIL” ! — >> TIME for DELUSIONMENT / TRUTH << !!!

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