Why Jesus Was REALLY Killed: Challenging the Money Changers

Modern interpretation of Christ driving the money changers from the temple by Anthony Freda/Daniel Zollinger

Why Jesus Was Killed

Reverend Howard Bess notes:

Jesus did not go to the temple to cleanse. He came to the temple to announce the destruction of a whole way of life. Those who operated the temple had no power to silence Jesus and put him to death. Those powers were held by the Roman retainers.

The charges that were leveled against him can be summed up as insurrection. There were three specific charges: encouraging non-payment of taxes, threatening to destroy property (the temple), and claiming to be a king. It was the temple incident that took Jesus from being an irritating, but harmless country rebel from the rural north to a nuisance in a city that controlled the great tradition. Rome’s retainers killed him on a cross.

In other words, Jesus wasn’t sentenced to death until he challenged the money changers.

What Does it Mean to Do God’s Work?

The head of Goldman Sachs said he’s doing “God’s work” with his banking activities.

The head of Barclays also told his congregation that banking as practiced by his company was not antithetical to Christian principles.

Are they right? Is big banking as practiced by the giant banks in harmony with Christian principles?

Do Justice

Initially, the Bible does not counsel us to ignore the breaking of laws by the the powerful.

In fact, the Bible mentions justice over 200 times — more than just about any other topic. The Bible asks us to do justice and to stand up to ANYONE — including the rich or powerful — who do injustice or oppress the people.

Indeed, one of the first things God asks of us is to do justice:

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8)

While many churches and synagogues have become obsessed with other issues, many have arguably ignored this most important of God’s demands of us. As pointed out by a leading Christian ministry, which rescues underage girls trapped as sex slaves in third world countries:

In Scripture there is a constant call to seek justice. Jesus got upset at the Pharisees because they neglected the weightier matters of the law, which He defined as justice and the love of God . . . Isaiah 58 complains about the fact that while the people of God are praying and praying and praying, they are not doing anything about the injustice.

Should Christians just pray for justice and leave the rest to God?

That’s not what the Bible asks us to do. Instead, Hebrews 11:33 tells us that we are God’s hands for dispensing justice, and God uses us to “administer justice.”

We have to “walk our talk” and put our prayers into action.

God demands that we do everything in our power to act as “God’s hands” in bringing justice. And as Saint Augustine reminds us, “Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.”


The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, He was appalled that there was no one to intervene. (Isaiah 59:15-16)

This is the only place in the Bible where the word “appalled” is used for the way God feels — in other words, the only thing which we know God is appalled by is if people are not doing justice.

There are hundreds of other references to justice in the Bible, including:

  • Blessed are they who maintain justice . . . . (Psalm 106:3)
  • This is what the LORD says: Maintain justice and do what is right . . . . (Isiah 56:1)
  • This is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. (Jeremiah 22:3,13-17)
  • Follow justice and justice alone. (Deuteronomy 16:19, 20)
  • For the LORD is righteous, he loves justice . . . . (Job 11:5,7)
  • Learn to do right! Seek justice . . . . (Isaiah 1:17)

So if the powerful players in the giant banks broke the laws, they must be held to account.

Fraud and Manipulation of Money

The big banks have engaged in systemic, continuous ongoing criminal fraud.

Allowing the banks to commit crime with impunity is not what Jesus would do. What would Jesus do? Turn over the tables of the money-changers. (economists agree.)

Moreover, the giant banks manipulate currency through the use of schemes such as manipulating interest rates (gaming interest rates in different regions – Libor, Eurobor, etc. – can in turn drive their currencies up or down), high frequency trading and artificially suppressing gold prices (which artificially inflates the value of fiat money) .

As Ron Paul notes, the Bible forbids altering the quality of money (which, at the time and place, was entirely in the form of coins):

Even the Bible is clear that altering the quality of money is an immoral act. We are instructed to follow the rules of “just weights and measures.” “You shall do no injustice in judgment, in measurement of length, weight, or volume. You shall have just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin” (Leviticus 19:35-36). “Diverse weights are an abomination to the LORD, and a false balance is not good” (Proverbs 20:23). The general principle can be summed as “You shall not steal.”

Proverbs 11:1 also provides:

Dishonest scales are an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is His delight.

So to the extent that the giant banks have engaged in any dishonest acts or the manipulation of currencies, they are violating scripture.

Oppression of the Poor

The Bible condemns oppression of the poor for the benefit of the affluent:

He that oppresses the poor to increase his riches, and he that gives to the rich, shall surely come to want. (Proverbs 22:16)

To the extent that the giant banks have oppressed the poor to increase their riches, they are violating scripture.

Due to their looting, inequality is now worse in American than in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, most Latin American banana republics … and ancient Rome.

Waging War

Bankers are often the driving force behind war. “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9), and Jesus would not have taken kindly to waging wars for profit based upon false pretenses.

Resurrection: Christ’s Ministry

Christ – and his ministry – lives to the extent that we act as God’s hands to confront the big banks which are warping our economy and our world.

Postscript: Not all bankers are bad people. For example, many bankers at smaller banks and credit unions are good people who are trying to help their communities. Each must be judged by his own acts.

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110 Responses to Why Jesus Was REALLY Killed: Challenging the Money Changers

  1. sandollar_man says:

    Well Yes, this is one of the portrayals of Jesus that I was given in Catholic schools. And it’s compelling, because it depicts him as someone who rights injustice. OK, good.
    But Jesus was plopped down into the biggest institutionalized slavery ring in history (The Roman Empire), yet there isn’t a single quote in the Bible of him objecting to that injustice. And it was overwhelmingly the biggest injustice he would have faced in his daily life. Very strange.
    The uncomfortable conclusion that I’ve reached, is that either Jesus wasn’t able to transcend the morality of his day. Or the people who wrote about him, owned slaves, and decided to only tell about the aspects of his character, that suited their needs at the time. In either case, American’s can rightfully claim to be a Christian nation, because we fought and won the battle against slavery, that he LOST.

    • fritz says:

      CONGRATULATIONS to you , “victorious WINNER” !!! (Still whisper in your Ears – “MEMENTO , MORITURI ESSE !) The only thing JESUS could not win , – “the WAR against believing STUPIDITY” ! – (Everyone has the Freedom to decide , in which way he wants to live .) Surely , it’s more comfortable , to be part of a Congregation , being told by a “THINK – TANK” , “WHAT & HOW” to believe , – but you didn’t get your brain as fodder for your SKALP , but for developing the “spiritual SKILLS” of “the” human being ! Hail , — now DECIDE !!!

    • Andrew Patton says:

      The answer is that the physical liberty of the people was a much lower priority for Him than their spiritual state. Anyone with any sense knows that wicked people cannot handle liberty anyway- they’ll destroy themselves with it. Only a righteous people can handle liberty, and a righteous people is not afraid to die for the sake of righteousness. His goal was to throw down the false righteousness of the Pharisees and lead the people to true righteousness.

  2. Scooter says:

    Jesus was confronting the very systems if control that we are supposed to be confronting today. Here is a short video that may shed some light on the subject:


    • sandollar_man says:

      Thank you for that link. It’s an interesting video with some underlying truths. And if you want to see some even more basic historical truths, that seem to be unrecognized by “the masses”, do a search for a video on youtube called “the REAL truth about religion”. Watch the first selection. It’s as much an astronomical history lesson as it is a religious history lesson. And if you’re like me, it will make you think, and in some sense, haunt you for a few days.

    • Pissed Off says:

      Jesus might have been burned to death like Waco.

    • Allen Gaither says:

      It bothers me that many Christians do not realize that all of the corruption and oppression the LORD warns about in the Bible – like Jesus versus the money changers, Satanic cabals, small groups of powerful men that conspire against mankind, everything in Psalms and Revelations, etc – is all just as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago. How can it not be? Until the kingdom of God is restored to the land, the wicked one and his demons will continue to rule this realm, and the righteous must continue to downstroy his doings of inequity and work to free our brothers, sisters, and ourselves from this systemic oppression.

      • Harry Skip Robinson says:

        Allen, Those in both political and religious power have over centuries deceived and manipulated the masses for power and control. When in collusion there is no greater tyranny. The oligarchs are ruthless buddy.

    • Dawg_em says:

      This video is complete nonsense. Completely without any basis in scripture, and at times actually contradicting scripture.

    • Cedric Marc Klein says:

      I would rephrase the narration “He never explicitly claimed to be God.” He claimed a LOT of titles and authorities, however, that belonged only to God.

      Oh crap, this now gets into Anti-Paul Conspiracy Theory.

      • Andrew Patton says:

        He called Himself, “I AM.” That is an explicit claim to be God, even beyond claiming titles and engaging in actions that would be blasphemous if He were not God.

  3. Carl_Herman says:

    Well said; thank you, GW. Everything we have as information from “leaders” is distorted, especially religion and how humans should relate with each other. That said, we have enough to work with in the Bible stories to see justice in action, and its lack.

    A HUGE point for anyone claiming to value the teachings of Jesus is to stand for justice. The banksters today lie by telling us that debt is money. Jesus, at least as we imagine any leader bright enough to stand against lying looters, would certainly call them out. Perhaps the moral of Jesus’ story is that with public backing, justice would be done.

  4. wunsacon says:

    The Roman empire killed Jesus, blamed it on their colony’s puppets, claimed to “convert” to Christianity, and then continued in their evil ways. Shows you how easily humans find scapegoats, “pay lip service” and continue business as usual.

    2000 years later, we’re still *Roman* — not Christian.

  5. mauricepinay says:

    The Religion of Orthodox Judaism Exonerates the Romans, Claims Full Responsibility for the Execution of Jesus


    • Man on the street says:

      You are correct. The bible is very clear, but the PC oppressors are dictating their own falsehood, and lies.

    • Harry Skip Robinson says:

      They were in bed together as was often government and religion throughout history. Both are confiscatory cartels that either use physical or psychological means to an end; stealing the Citizens money and Jesus was opposed to this so they killed him just like the governments of the world killed 264 million of their own people in the 20th century alone, exclusive of military combatants.

  6. Jct: Jesus attacked the money-changers and other tourist services? Money-changing was an essential tourist service. So did Jesus attack the money-changers for over-charging? Is Jesus’s mission to stop over-charging? Was he upset with the pigeon-sellers? Should foreign tourists have brought their own chickens, sheep, cattle to sacrifice at the festival? No, Jesus attacked the money-LENDERS for enslaving the people with growing debts, usury was the reason he said to pray go God to “Forgive us our debts,” not “forgive us our tourist trap prices.”

    • Riaz Tayob says:

      Precision matters, although there are many versions. Jesus was against the money lenders in what they did – i.e. as a system. On the one hand, they did not give “full measure” to people on exchanges (making money from money a sterile exercise as currency changes); selling the same sacrifice over and over (5 sales and each pilgrim thought they paid for the sacrifice); cornering the market in coin used to settle Temple obligations/debts (monopoly + usury).
      The particular issues highlighted the form of issues, castigated at the general level corrupting the temple (or use of religion for profit); usury; manipulation and deceit/fraud. Money lenders were also integrated (i.e. East West arbitrage trade on gold and silver) and multi-denominational (traders were the cosmopolitans).
      The Papal Bulls, Calvin and Luther on interest have added to Christian views – but these principles seem to have some reflection in other religions and ways of living too, showing some universalism. Should it not matter more when differing world views and approaches come to the same conclusion. The Torah, Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, etc all have the same message – and perhaps this is one of the things that makes the current Western system unique – the COMPLETE normalisation of usury and its practices.
      And if you have this system, then there is need for a Jubilee or an emetic economics (as Mark Blyth calls it), or politely business cycles where it just starts up again (the environmental cost of which we see at the UNFCCC and China’s smog). Some muslims have a complete prohibition on interest (which is more a prohibition on unearned income and exchanges of like for like – IFF it is money – except if it is ‘hand to hand’) but most Shariah do not follow this being divided over fiat money.
      The real issue is that price has never been a good indicator of value. Most transactions in the Judeo-Christian era were under the ‘reciprocal gift economy’ basis – and most religions have not caught up with the change under capitalism. We get our bread not from the benevolence of the baker – as Smith said – but from his self-interest; therefore no need to play nice, take money, give bread!
      And corporates and bankers want us to think that price is all there is to transactions – but it is neoliberal Ronald Coase who said that firms exist because capital wants to avoid the market – so they can have internal reciprocal gift economies (over 70% of global trade in intracompany) to maintain their dominance, return on capital and if Marxist or (original Smithian) then to correct for the falling rate of profit… add to that self-regulated finance, holding company structures, neoliberal incentives only for pedagogy and one has a reasonably flexible structure for neo-feudalism without anyone being the wiser… design or accident, does not matter… but what we all do (bankers, consumers, citizens, workers, etc) makes the system… and it is a problem to think bankers are not just Pavlovian dogs rather than creating this system… at some level it has a life of its own…

      • Andrew Patton says:

        One must also avoid conflating lending for consumption vs. lending for capital. It is the sin of usury to charge interest on a loan for relief to the poor, but it is fair and honest to charge interest on a business loan, which the borrower intends to invest and make a profit from. However, the lender must accept the risk of the enterprise failing and being unable to repay him.

  7. Name says:

    Unfortunately the self-destructive behavior of capitalism on the honor system hasn’t been discretely formulated but rather encoded into the moralistic and arcane teachings of the various prominent religions. In the year 2014 it should not be a shock to learn that we can’t wait around for extra terrestrial beings to pull our asses out of the fire. Let’s formulate a comon sense way to keep people from taking more than they earn.

  8. SirGalahadT says:

    ” If you are an atheist and believe that religion is crazy, please remember that some 85% of the American population identifies itself as Christian and millions more identify themselves as Jewish. Very few Americans are atheists … and the majority don’t trust atheists. ”

    Many more reject the myths of Christianity but still believe in God and natural law.

    Religion was and remains one way that the criminal elite control the people. This has no bearing on the existence or not of God.

    • Man on the street says:

      I am an atheist. I was a big time Christian, and still identify with Christians rather than with the Jews, or Muslims.

      Regarding Jesus, and who killed him. The sentence as in the bible was clear: it says that the Jews who were given choices release a thief, or release of Jesus? The Jews screamed in support of the thief. Then, the governor said I see nothing against Jesus, and my hands cannot be responsible for his blood. The Jews screamed, his blood is on us, and on our children after us. So he said well you take him and kill him yourselves.

      As I said, I am an atheist, but, if you read the bible, you will see that the Romans were not screaming. Having said so, I still insist that all religions are men made, and no longer needed.

  9. michael mazur says:

    Let us remember that Jesus died contrary to the reason the corrupted 501(c)3 christian churches proffer with such unsurpassed faux erudition, that He died for OUR sins.
    Really ? They are saying he died for the zillions of sins yet to have been committed in the future the world over by the 40 generations then still to be born !?
    Could not be more absurd.
    So, why was He murdered ?
    Matthew 21:12 gives the answer; He cast out all them who bought and sold in the Temple, overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the chairs of those who sold doves.
    Jesus was true to the core Old Testament prescription, that thou shalt not charge usury on the exchange of local money for a neighbouring kingdom’s money, nor on loans locally.
    The rabbis of the time were as corrupt as the rabbis ever since, deeming that no form of capital punishment imposed could be too severe as a warning to others who would also seek to implement the OT general prohibition on usury.
    So the rabbis wanting to retain clean hands, used the occupying Romans to carry out the cruellest form of execution on Jesus, being crucifixion, for claiming to be the Messiah, which the Sanhedrin judged to be blasphemy, who then tried to persuade the Romans that He was a threat to their Imperium by seeking to replace it.
    The Romans acceded to that request not because they were persuaded by this argument, but because the Sanhedrin warned of unrest amongst the Jewish common people were the Romans not to carry out the request of the Sanhedrin.
    And that is why in the present day, you all pay interest on interest on the lifelong loans – created out of nothing, which you take out on your houses.
    Mortgage: literally, a pledge until death. Look it up.
    Try and rail against it, you will end up like Jesus, in a manner of speaking, as happened to A. Lincoln in 1865, as nearly happened to A. Jackson in 1837, as happened to A.Hitler in 1945, as happened to S.Hussein in 2006, as happened to M.Ghaddafi in 2011.
    The dense complexities of Modern History completely vanish when understood in the context of usury.
    I should close by saying that these also are the plans for V.Putin, for al Assad, for H.Rouhani, who are, respectively, the presidents of Russia, Syria and Iran.
    But it’s beginning to look as if the Usurers using the US, UK, EU, and NATO as useful gun toting idiots, have run out of the credible rhetoric anyone can anymore believe, to justify murdering yet more millions of innocents in this current lunge – since 2001, at the world’s remaining very few ‘holdout’ nations.

    • Darren Tan says:

      The question is — ‘Did he rose from the dead?’

    • Andrew Patton says:

      His enemies wanted Him dead because He threatened their money, prestige and power, but no one could kill Him without His allowing it. If He had wanted to, He could have killed all of His enemies in a single hour, but for our sake, He allowed Himself to be put to death on a cross.

  10. truth seeker says:

    The real question is: HOW CAN GOD BE KILLED OR DIE? God gave brain for a reason folks!

  11. truth seeker says:

    Just an FYI, Jesus (PbUH) did indeed fight the money-lenders but he was NOT a God but a prophet. Stop reading the corrupted and manipulated (from their original authentic versions–the real word of God) bibles written by Roman kings and Elites!!! Ever since they re-wrote the bible to their whims and desires, the Roman Kings, no two Christians can sit on a table and agree on one bible–let’s be real!

    • Darren Tan says:

      Do you even know how the Bible came about?

    • Andrew Patton says:

      Did these Roman kings also change the Tanakh as preserved by the rabbis? Because the Tanakh was independently preserved and consistent with the Christian Old Testament, and it says that God has a Son. Here we have the testimony of two witnesses who are hostile to each other, yet their testimony agrees. Conclusion: neither the Jews nor the Christians tampered with the Torah or the Prophets, for if either had, the other would demonstrate that the books do not match.

  12. Mark Page says:

    What I want to know is what has Jesus got to do with rabbits and eggs? What does Easter mean? Who was the godess Ēostre from where we get the words Easter and estrogen? Why are the Easter celebrations set by the moon? Basically why is the entire Christian world celebrating a pagan moon godess while pretending to worship Jesus?

  13. farang says:

    There NEVER WAS ANYONE NAMED “Jesus” in those times: there was no “j” in the alphabet. It was a Y or an H. With an “short-e” sound.

    In the O.T. and N.T.: The “Lord” is the pharaoh. “God” can also be the pharaoh (“God on Earth), or can refer a variety of dieties. (Amen, Ra/Re/ Ptah, Ia/Ya (Moon god of Egypt, Osiris). THAT IS FACT.

    Unless the text refers to “the Lord” BY THE NAME of the diety? It means THE PHARAOH. Got it????

    “Judea” is the region of the northern Nile Delta called “Idj-Twy”, which means “The Two Lands.” Thebes was “Israel.” The “two kingdoms.”

    The “Hittite” kingdom was Vedic/JEWISH. FACT. DNA PROVES Armenians, Jews (Ashkenazi and Sephardic), Druze Bedoins, Syrians, Georgians ALL SHARE THE SAME DNA. ALL ORIGINATED in what we call “Turkey/Armenia/Georgia.” The mountains of Ararat.

    Note well: Gobkli tepe, the 12,000 year old stone megaliths with advanced stone art works, are located in that region. They had a certain symbol I have traced to a certain grail. As did the Hittites.

    As did a certain piece of jewelry found in Tut’s tomb. The Breast Piece of the High Priest, the Cohen Gadol.

    EXACT SAME IMAGE IS ON THIS CUP. Got it??? Both with EXACT SAME IMAGE, EXACT SAME. Tut’s ancestors were Vedic Hittite/Mittani/Hurrians. In fact, one of Tut’s royal titles STATES HE IS HURRIAN!!!!! Another royal title states he is (k)”Heperu.” Silent K. Hebrew.

    Time for a REAL history lesson. FORGET what Fundamentalist Christian “Egyptologists” of the 1800’s and 1900’s “theorized” about Egypt while attempting to PROVE the bible was “real” history. IT IS NOT. IT IS STOLEN MYTH from Chaldea/India. Kaldi was the CHIEF DEITY of “Chadea” which was Urartu/Armenia. FACT. “Sumer” means Southern Chaldea. “Northern Babylon/Karaduniash. Please, know your geography. Sumeria was a Chaldean culture.

    ALL JEWISH MYTH IS TWISTED VEDIC MYTH. ALL OF IT. (Torah = “To Twist”, the facts/myths.) Abram was a Brahman, a priest of Brahma, the Creator God of the Vedic pantheon. ALL VEDIC GODS ARE “aspects” of ONE GOD:

    Brahma was shunned by mainstream Vedics, even though he is the “Creator” god…because he turns DEMONIC. FACT.

    “Jewish”Purim= VEDIC Purana= myths of gods/goddesses jockeying for supreme position. The Illiad is a prime example of PURANIC MYTH.

    Ester is really Istar…in India: Ista-Devi. Both Istar and “David” had a symbol of a harp and a star. I Star Devi= Star of David. Her “uncle Mordecai”=Marduk. Vaishti, the queen “Ester” replaces is Vach (Sarasvati), Mother Goddess of the Vedics. “Hanum”, the prince she has murdered? That is really Hanuman, the MONKEY GOD BFF OF RAMA/Vishnu. FACT: Stolen myth, even stolen label!!! Just slightly “Torah’ed/Twisted” as the famous late Joseph Campbell always pointed out about “Jewish” myths.

    In Egypt, they worshiped another Vedic god: VISHNU. He has “avatars” you might recognize: “Balarama.” Ba’al and Ra(ma). Matsaya: Ma’at (Truth). NaraSimha: Narmer/Nimrod/Naram-Sin.

    In Egypt, the clueless Egyptologists tell us the “falcon-headed god is Ra, and he carries the disk of the sun on his head.” SHEER NONSENSE!!!!!

    The falcon is NOT THE GOD!!! That is GARUDA, the EAGLE that CARRIES Vishnu (The Sun God of the Vedics) on his shoulders/head. Again: “Ra/Rama” is an avatar of Vishnu.

    All of the “Egyptian gods” are Vedic. Vishnu avatar: Buddha. In Egypt? P(u)tah. His son is Ra(ma.)

    There are Egyptian GOLDEN STATUES OF THE SLEEPING PTAH. Ya dig???? The Golden Buddha. The Sleeping Buddha. YA DIG????

    “Horus”…drop the Greek translation and the Greek “us” suffix and you have the original name: Har/Her. Har(i) is another AVATAR of RA/RAMA. Ya dig??? Har IS Ra IS Vishnu. Horus=VISHNU.

    The clueless Egyptologists call him “Hera-akhuti”…the rising sun. NONSENSE!!! He is Hari-Garuda!!!

    Goodness, they actually get PAID to go on Zionist controlled “History Channel” or Zionist-controlled “Discovery Channel” or Zionist-controlled “National Geographic” and PEDAL THIER LIES. ARE YOU STILL BUYING THOSE LIES????

    farang is here to bring that to a halt.

    Rama is KING OF AYODHYA, KING OF THE JEWS. AYODHYA=Judea. In Egypt, it was called “Tell el-Yahudiya.” Go look: a 700’s b.c. temple to Yahweh.
    In India: Ayodhya, in Thailand: Ayutthaya.

    PAY ATTENTION: In Vedic myth, Rama “leads his Chosen People” to a Promised land: Sri-Lanka.

    Does that name “ring a bell?” The Mernptah stele the Zionists love to point at it as “proof” of historical “Israel?” “Israel” is spelled: “Sri-la-a-a.” I ask you: does that sound like “Israel” or “Sri Lanka”????? Ramses….Ra Moses. “Born of Ra.” Moses leading his Chosen People…..Hello? Are the lights on???

    “HAYA” is the CHALDEAN/Urartian/Armenian YAHWEH. I hope the glimmer of reality is starting to shine through….Ayyut Haya???? A “Jew of Hiya!”

    In the 5th dynasty of Egypt, the kings that invaded Egypt and formed this dynasty started building SUN TEMPLES with LINGUM of SHIVA. The “Obelisks” are Shiva’s penis. Plain and simple. The Washington monument is Shiva’s phallus. Plain and simple. Isn’t it OBVIOUS???

    In these sun temples…the “Egyptologists” ADMIT they found the oldest layers in these sun temples have an object they are “unsure of”…it is a CLASSIC VEDIC LINGUM OF SHIVA!!!!!!

    And these guys have DEGREES from UNIVERSITIES??? Wow. Properly labeled, they are fuctionally PROPAGANDISTS FOR ZIONISM.

    These kings started a tradition all following dynasties copied: The called themselves “RaS(h)a.” Son of Ra.” RAJA.

    Now…..on “Jesus.” Where did “Mary” take the infant “Jesus?” *Oddly enough*, for a Jewish woman that had her people supposedly escape SLAVERY FROM in Egypt…she takes “Jesus”…to EGYPT!!!

    Tut’s mother: “Merit-Ra.” Mary.

    If anyone here is familiar with Buddhism…you’ll recognize she was a priestess of Ra…she “made merit” everyday with OFFERINGS TO RA. RA/YA/AMEN: this is the “god” of the “Jews.” Who knows what her birth name was…”Mari/Mary/Merit was a TITLE of PRIESTS and PRIESTESS in EGYPT.

    That’s why images of the slain and not-yet-arisin Osiris, have Isis MERI and Nepthys MERI kneeling and wailing in grief next to his wrapped-in-linen body in tomb……and it is why NO BODIES ARE FOUND IN TOMBS, JUST LIKE “JESUS”: it was a CULT CEREMONY. Osiris was “resurrected” and sent to sit next to “God” in a constellation where the pryamid “shafts” pointed to. His BODY HAD TO BE “MISSING” for a SUCCESSFUL RESURRECTION. Hello?

    “Jesus'” name was JOSHUA (Ye’shuah in the original GREEK). Period. No “JESUS” AT ALL. That occurred from translating Joshua to English. Got it? NO JESUS.

    And that “Joshua/Shiva” was the Egyptian king known as Tut. Tut was murdered by an Aten “High Priest” known was “Panehesy” (“The Negro”). The bible calls him “Phineus.” After Tut took the throne after Akhenaton and his Aten/Atehn worshipers agreed to “exodus” from Egypt Tut changed his name to Tutankhamen. Panehesy was livid and when Tut came to speak with “his father/half-brother” Akhenaton (Prophet Nathan in the O.T. and Talmud), Panehesy stabbed Tut with a spear (and the “foreign woman” that was with Tut), then hung him from a tree. There is only ONE black mummy found. Go look it up. Look at the killer of “Jesus”/Tut.

    The Talmud states it quite clearly that passing Jews said: “Look, there hangs the king of the Jews.” FACT.

    “O father, why have you forsaken me.” Now it makes a bit more sense.

    Akhenaton allowed Tut to be murdered….and barely escaped Horemheb’s wrath. You see, Horemheb was Amenhotep III’s bff and raiding chum: He was HIRAM, king of Tyre. Tut was Amenhotep III’s son or grandson. Solomon’s son. Later, Akhenaton as “NebuKudirriYa/Nebuchadrezzer” laid seige to Tyre for THIRTEEN YEARS: This is the historical Troy” seige, and the SCRIBE KING HOREMHEB was HOMER. Wakey wakey!

    Tut was “Jo’Shiva.” Biblical Joshua: “Destroyer of cities.” (Example: Jericho). Shiva: Destroyer of WORLDS.

    The robe of the Amen High Priest (A COHEN GADOL/ Jewish Catholic) was found in Tut’s tomb, along with the treasure of his grandfather or father: Solomon/Amenhotep III. Got it? Cohen Priesthood of Amen??? Gadols, got it???? Look at the blue pope hat Akhenaton is wearing…..Hey, don’t trust me: read what the guy that opened the tomb and cataloged its contents stated!!! Yes, the ARK OF THE COVENENT was there too!!! FACT!!!

    In Egypt, the crown princes were called ANGELS OF THE LORD (lord=pharaoh, their father.) So when the O.T. or Talmud talks about REAL ANGELS talking to REAL PEOPLE? IT IS TRUE. Only they were EARTHLY “angels.” Egyptian Crown PRINCES.

    Recently, a 700’s B.C. mummy was found in Egypt of a woman, with a TATTOO of the symbol of “ARCHANGEL Michael” on it. Shiva has an avatar of “Mahakala”, someone you might think twice about pissing off: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Six_arm_mahakala.jpg

    In Tut’s tomb was found an inscription: “M’kel.” HE WAS THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL/MAHAKALA.

    Mahakala: Michael, the archangel. Shiva avatar. In Egypt, “Shiva” was the god “Shu”, bff of Ra/Rama.

    The biblical person known as “Jesus,” king of the Jews, was Aristobulus III, related to King Herod. He wore a crown of “thorns.” Herod had him killed, the Romans removed Herod from throne. His mother’s name was “Miriam.” “Mary/Mari”, a PRIESTESS.

    This was a CULT of RESURRECTION. Over 5000 years old. Osiris, the Egyptian resurrection god depicted in blue, is “L’azerus” (L’ Azure), whom the newest “Chrestus” (graduate of the Cult school) had to “raise from the dead” in a CULT CEREMONY. I was lucky enough to see a statue of Osiris in Seattle, 2012, in Tut exhibit: covered in faded BLUE PAINT.

    A real shame that so many are ignorant of their Indo-Aryan roots. That was the language used by royalty of the M.E.

    It is an intentional function of US public education and state-approved religions to keep us ignorant of those facts.

    Akhenaton, Tut’s father, was the one that “chased the corrupt priests” from the Amen temples, then closed them. HISTORICAL FACT. However, that only lasted TWO YEARS, then the Amen temples re-opened under Smenkare. He didn’t last long before being whacked.

    When Akhenaton was chased from throne by military generals Horemheb and Aye (Aye: his grandfather’s brother), he founded his new capital in the Jebusite city of Urusalim. The Talmud and O.T. state quite clearly that “JEBUSITES lived in Jerusalem ALONGSIDE JEWS”, always.

    And he also set up in his other, “Kassite/Mittani/Hurrian” Vedic kingdom in Babylon as NebuKudurriYa: NebuChadrezzer. There was only ONE Nebuchadrezzer. Does everyone realize that was what Akhenaton was called by his Mittani/Hittite/Hurrian relatives???? Does everyone realize “Nebu” is the “God of the Tablets” and is depicted carrying two STONE TABLETS OF LAWS????? MOSES????

    His grandfather was Yahweh. “Yaya/Ioaua, YHW.” FACT. And Yuya was actually King Yayati, of the 1400 B.C. Puru kingdom of INDIA. Egypt was one of his colonies. The biblical “Joseph.” His brother that followed was “Ayati”: Egyptian general “Aye” and biblical Ephraim.


    The ONLY temple is to The Queen of Heaven: Asherah, YAHWEH’S WIFE.

    The one he apparently shared with his “Thutmose/Dudimose/THOMAS/TWIN”: Ba’al. Their baby was a GOLDEN CALF. IT IS IN 800 B.C. POTTERY ART!!!! FACT!!!!! Yahweh is depicted with BULL’s HEAD and erect phallus. As is Ba’al.

    If you really believe there was a “great kingdom” of Israel? YOU’VE BEEN HOODWINKED. Always, it was a VASSAL STATE of Egypt, or Assyria, the Kingdom of Damascus or Babylon. ALWAYS. Note well: these are modern day targets of Zionists. As is Yemen, were even Jews have to admit they escaped from Egypt and settled in…the DNA PROVES IT. Again..Yemen, a Zionist target. They want to HIDE THE EVIDENCE, DESTROY THE REAL HISTORY.

    I KNOW WHERE THE “HOLY GRAIL” IS. It was made circa 200 B.C.-100 A.D., from analysis of the metal is it made from. It was made in the M.E. And it has an image of Cohen Gadol priests WRAPPING A MUMMY THAT LOOKS LIKE TUT, under image EXACTLY SAME AS COHEN GADOL BREASTPLATE FROM TUT’S TOMB.

    It is on Wikipedia……photos and all…..THINK!!!!!!!!!!

    And it was found in a region where the people migrated to “Normandy” and “Aquataine.” (Think!)

    Aquataine is where a certain famous Queen held court for Troubadours to weave tales of Knights of the Round Table….including searching for a certain “Grail.”

    Want More? In Tut’s tomb…was found a sword of IRON. In the BRONZE AGE. Recent msm sources quoted experts that analysed some iron “jewelry” found in Tut’s tomb…and concluded from the high Nickel content that it came from a METEOR. (A STAR that fell…”). Now THINK: is there any relationship of extracting iron from a “cosmic stone”…..and “pulling an iron sword from a rock????” Excaliber…YA DIG????? Merlin: an Alchemist. A surveyor (Mer=Measure Lin=Line. Measuring line.) We speak that TONGUE.

    Please: educate yourselves. “Program” yourselves with ALL sources of knowledge, then DECIDE THE TRUTHS FOR YOURSELVES: you can hardly do WORSE than the so-called “experts.”

    • Franklin Beenz says:

      Why should we educate/program ourselves with ALL sources of knowledge to then DECIDE THE TRUTHS FOR OURSELVES, when you have laid it all down for us, Got it????

      Actually, I’ve done what you’ve suggested which leads me to the fact that your so-called facts contain perhaps even less truths than that ‘Book of Deception’ itself, aka The Bible.

      • fritz says:

        There is only one Decision to make , – > include into your “objective” Reflections , your “own thoughts & actions” ! – TRUTH always starts by “oneself” , and always is in the “making”! [ Most people prefer ASSERTED truths ! ]

      • Furor Teutonicus says:

        Religion is vital to culture and our very being. It does not require literal belief. Esoteric religions do not believe in metaphysical gods, for example. But the ritual is important. Religion is philosophy with ritual. Without it, we lose our cultural character. It is also important for mental well-being.

    • Furor Teutonicus says:

      Jesus is the same name as Joshua – Yehoshua in Hebrew, meaning Yahweh Saves. Yahweh is itself a play on words, implying a prophecy: “I am that will be” (implying Yehoshua)

    • Taxpayer1234 says:

      Hey, how about the numerologic and phrenologic proof? Any entrail reading, perhaps?


    • Wello Seed says:

      That’s a lot of words Farang. Lets see if they are true or not. If Yehoshua (born of the virgin Mariam, etc.) is not HaMashiach; equivalent to The LORD (Yud Heh Vav Heh) and does not sit at the right hand hand of God the Father (forever glorified), may I be cursed in all I say and do until I repent. But if he is, and through Him one must be saved, may you be cursed in all you say and do, until you repent and accept Him as LORD. Bon appetite.

    • ctlovesnathanhale says:

      Nice off topic post — you hit the trifecta — deny the existance of Jesus, attack jews, and ignore the relevance of the article as it relates to the most pressing problem of that time and our time, fiat bankster scams.

      • Joffan says:

        If only the comment had been 2000 words shorter… or even only as long as the article it purported to respond to.

    • RobertSnodgrass says:

      It is becoming more and more clear to me that for whatever reason, possibly largely due to what we call technology people today are largely out of touch with their souls. We think we are becoming smarter and more intellectual, when in reality what we are doing is increasing our reliance on the extremely limited capacity of our brain and things we can see and touch and understand to such a degree that we have lost touch with the most important, the only really important part of a man, our eternal soul. Without faith in God we are out of touch with the only truly worthy part of us. We think we are intellectual, yet we are actually imprisoned only to the extreme limits of knowledge we can conceive in our mere mortal brain, going through life like blind men refusing to open our eyes or even know we have them. Completely cut off, from the much greater limitless realm of faith in our soul, our contact with God. Left guided only by our instincts and humanness. Easy prey for the super rich evil powers of this world who can easily control us and our faithless leaders like puppets on a string straight into our own demise and all to their own purpose of monetary wealth, ownership, and control of everything. The global turmoil our nation is involved in, the crashing economy, the massive gross corruption controlling our nation into it’s own demise are only symptoms of the real truly worrisome American deficit today. The bankruptcy of faith.

    • James53 says:

      Fascinating analysis. I don’t agree with all of it, but I have long felt that at their highest levels, all religions are one. The saints, mystics and sages espouse a nearly identical philosophy. Unfortunately, the religions are also similar at their lowest levels, I.e. the fundamentalists, literalists and those who proclaim their version of their faith to be the only true one. This kind of pseudo-religion has been exploited by the powerful for evil purposes.

    • Natalie says:

      Jesus is the English translation of His name. His language was Hebrew, and his name in Hebrew is Yeshua.

    • John says:

      Too much knowledge confuses the one that counts himself knowledgeable. It is a proven strategy of Satan to mislead mankind through too much false knowledge that generates pride. All this mumbo jumbo you speak of as historical facts are deliberate attempts to twist the truths about JESUS CHRIST & JEHOVAH. Real people of God are guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. They are not confused since they are found by the FATHER & SON in whom they put faith to lead them to Paradise at the appointed time. Your heresy is meant to tie, blindfold and lockdown those that have been following Satan and may suddenly want to have a change of mind to find the true God of the Israelites. Those that have always been with God are saved from your lies

    • Andrew Patton says:

      Judea is not in the Nile delta. It’s on the other side of the Red Sea from the Nile River.

  14. Dredd Blog says:

    For some odd reason we tend to see Jesus in our own image … hence some 450 denominations with differing teachings, dogma, and liturgy.

    • Furor Teutonicus says:

      Jesus is part of the Mercury/Hermes/Dionysus archetype, first showing up as Enki in the Sumerian pantheon (and Enki went on the become Ea/Yahu/Yahweh in Canaanite religion and the supreme god)

      • Darren Tan says:

        You mean there is no such person in history?

        • Furor Teutonicus says:

          Maybe, maybe not. It’s not really the point. Snorri Sturluson claimed Odin was a Germanic warlord that was later deified. The archetype still remains.

      • Andrew Patton says:

        The Romans identified YHWH with Jupiter, but Jews and Christians recognize no such equivalence. We don’t much care about pagans claiming our God to be one of theirs; we maintain that one cannot be both a Christian and a Hellenist/Hindu/Buddhist/whatever else.

    • Nathan Barton says:

      There is only one true Church of Christ, the true Catholic Church, as the dogma of Eph. 4:5 states “One Lord, one faith, one baptism”. God is not the author of confusion and makes everything we have to believe and do to save our souls as simple as possible because ultimately He is merciful and loves the poor, simple and innocent child above the rich and the proud scholars whose learning far exceeds their charity. There are actually some 30,000+ denominations as a result of the Protestant reformation that falsely call themselves “Christian”. There are almost no true Christians anywhere in the whole world. There is no such thing as a non-Catholic Christian and the vatican II sect which has taken over the Vatican and all the buildings in the world that used to hold the true Catholic Church is not Catholic even though most of humanity thinks it is. Francis is not a true Pope and is not even a validly ordained priest having been “consecrated” in anti-Pope Paul VI’s invalid new rite of “Consecration” for “priests” put in place by the Anti-Catholic robbers’ Vatican II Council. All true Catholics call Francis an anti-pope and totally reject him as well as all the other claimants to the Papacy from him back to and including John XXIII as non-Catholic Judeo-Masonic Anti-pope infiltrators. The true Catholic church still exists today, but only in a remnant of true faithful Catholics who hold to all the true teachings of all the true Popes throughout history. The following video goes into great detail on this and much more as does the site it comes from. Its critical for your salvation that you see the site that produced this and study it all and become convinced because it is the truth. Its also necessary for your salvation that you become a true traditional Catholic. You should also begin to pray a full 15 decade rosary as well as frequent hail Marys each day and ask for the graces to know the true faith. Here’s the video. It will change your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn9t0m6eG4Q

      • James53 says:

        Bollocks. Truth is not the monopoly of any one religion or sect. John XIII was the greatest Popw and Vatican II was a breath of fresh air. The only thing I disagree with is the abolition of the Latin Mass, it was a beautiful ceremony. Tolerance of and dialogue with other faiths was a much needed refutation of idolatrous triumphalist parochialism.

      • James53 says:

        Bollocks. Truth is not the monopoly of any one religion or sect. John XIII was the greatest Popw and Vatican II was a breath of fresh air. The only thing I disagree with is the abolition of the Latin Mass, it was a beautiful ceremony. Tolerance of and dialogue with other faiths was a much needed refutation of idolatrous triumphalist parochialism.

    • Furor Teutonicus says:

      The coolest variant of Jesus was in the Saxon Bible called “Heliand”. In it, he was portrayed as a Viking warrior that kicked ass and took named along with his 12 thanes. Damned good read.

  15. santiagto says:

    He did not die for ur sins, they killed him because he was vegetarian. He told them that killing animals for sins is stupid and they didnt like that. He never ate fish, it was grapes.

  16. Big Dan says:

    Due to a lawsuit stating we must present “balance”, FOX had to present: “CREATIONIST COSMOS”. But since God created everything, it was supposed to be a series but they could only fill 1 episode:


  17. shaz says:

    This is why I don’t believe in religion. I believe in God…a higher power…but religion (yes, ALL of them) are man-made interpretations designed to suit a purpose. The fact that this post wants to ‘change’ our perception of what is written in the bible (another man-made document) just highlights what I believe!

  18. Harry Skip Robinson says:

    According to a non-fiction author and genealogist by the name of Lawrence Gardner, who found the lineage of King David, book is “Bloodline of the Holy Grail”, in the archives of one of the Monarchies of Europe, Jesus was a direct heir of King David and was literally King of Israel, however they were under Roman rule, negating his realistic rule. A messiah, one who leads the people up against the Romans, was thought to be Jesus. Some history tells us there were at least 3 others who tried to overthrow the Romans, and they were all killed as well. Mary, Jesus’s mother, was impregnated by Joseph during their first year of marriage, (called a virgin birth) in contrary to Jewish tradition, as she was supposed to remain a virgin during the first year, before finalizing the consummation of the marriage with a final ceremony, the washing of the feet included, and of course the wedding night. Obviously Joseph nor Mary could not wait. Think about it, they had been concurred by the Roman’s turning their entire society upside down. I wouldn’t have waited as they were targeting the Jewish leadership, especially those that would not acquiesce.

    This placed Jesus’s position of hereditary rule in question by many in the ruling priesthood, placing his brother Joseph as the other option. Many within the Jewish community did not like Jesus’s unorthodox views of both religious and governmental traditions and Gardner believes that’s why he was put to death. You had those Jews in the Priesthood cozying and aligning themselves with the Roman’s who helped throw Jesus under the proverbial bus. According to Gardner, Jesus did marry Mary Magdalene and she was the holy grail carrying the unborn child, snuck out of Israel to France, after Jesus’s crucifixion. How credible Gardner’s evidence is, is difficult to substantiate, because much of it came from the private achieves, which still appears to have remained private. The Gnostic Gospels had just been leaked and the internet was in it’s infancy when he wrote his book so it would be interesting to see if anything has been collaborated.

    I can only say that this sounds much more realistic than the hocus pocus stuff passed down by the Roman’s through the Roman Catholic Church after they created the Bible at the Council of Nicaea, leaving out all the gospels that did not support the hocus pocus stuff.
    Much of the New Testament was also believed to have been written in code, trying to be secretive about the lives and actions of the those who would have been in power had they not been overthrown. Emperor Constantine used to feed his enemies to the wild animals his soldiers caught as they rapped and pillaged the world. Yes Emperor Constantine, I wrote the Bible just as you suggested and I sure do hope you like it.

    • Darren Tan says:

      You mean St Thomas went to India to spread a joke and died for it?

      • Harry Skip Robinson says:

        Christianity as a philosophy is no a joke.

        • Darren Tan says:

          Can you help to explain
          1) The Christian philosophy
          2) Why it is worth dying for
          Because most of Jesus’ disciples died for it. Not to mention Saul the Christian persecutor who had it all going for him, then one fine day decided to throw it all away and lead a way of life that ended in his execution. And how about the thousands and millions who was burnt at the stakes, cruxified and fed to the lions during the first few centuries by the Romans for not denouncing their faith.
          Because they refuse to pay tax?!

          • Furor Teutonicus says:

            Christianity is Neoplatonism put into practice. If you understand Plato, you understand Christianity.

          • Harry Skip Robinson says:

            Christianity with a small ‘c” is the only philosophy I know that gives people a second chance when they commit a sin, as we all are sinners. It is based on tolerance, love and not revenge. Treat others as you wish to be treated in return, even when they are non-believers. A simple but difficult philosophy to embrace because there are so many who desire to initiate force, coercion and revenge against others. Organized religion and government is and always has been about confiscating property from others, government by legalized force and coercion and religion by psychological fear and ostracism. When the two combine, there is no grater evil on earth.
            Many people throughout history have died for what they believe to be the truth. The history books are full of non-believers have been put to death by the various Churches for not saying they believe. The Martyrs at Boston Common were hung because they were Quakers preaching something different to what the Church of England and Governor of the Colonies wanted. – That is a great story by the way – google it.
            In the history books of the early 1700’s Colonies, there are still writing of religious persecution by the Church of England and everyone knows about the Salem Witch hunts. The Roman Catholic and the Church of England have killed many people throughout history under the guise of heresy.
            I believe that the Martyrs at Boston Common and the jury nullifications of the Salem Witch Hunts were primary events that shaped the 1st Amendment pretty much curtailing religious persecution in the English speaking world. Perhaps some day the other organized religions will see the light.

          • Joffan says:

            Maybe you should investigate Buddhism.

            The eightfold path:
            1. Right view (Viewing reality as it is, not just as it appears to be)
            2. Right intention (Commitment to non-violence and harmlessness)
            3. Right speech (Speaking in a truthful and non-hurtful way)
            4. Right action (Acting in a non-harmful way)
            5. Right livelihood (Being honest and ethical in business dealings)
            6. Right effort (Striving to improve in thought and deed)
            7. Right mindfulness (Self-awareness of body, emotions and thoughts)
            8. Right concentration (Meditation for tranquility and equanimity)


            The Church of England had little to do with the religious disputes in the American colonies. The Puritans were a significant oppressing force though. The English parliament reacted to the Boston Martyrs (and yes, an interesting story) by revoking the Massachusetts colony’s independence of operation and passing explicit religious tolerance laws.

          • Harry Skip Robinson says:

            And that worked out pretty well later for the accused witches? It was the Governor and the two most prominent Ministers in Boston Bay Colony that were the Judges of the Martyrs. My family, an heir to we think is John Robinson’s brother, moved to where Bennington, VT is now, to escape religious persecution, so it was more prevalent than many realized. I think it is also naïve to contend that the Church of England did not follow right behind the Pilgrims once established, perhaps not wanting to be recognized, but surely still in bed with the King and the aristocracy. I believe that the war was fought over both taxation and religious freedom, both being a components of unalienable rights and individual liberty.

          • Joffan says:

            It is not naive to require evidence. Believe what you will, but the evidence is against you.

          • Harry Skip Robinson says:

            Joffan, You could be right, but history is most often written under the authority of those that rule, thus expecting it to provide the total truth to the masses is sadly not part of their plan. Many believe that the Church of England was a total separate entity from the Roman Catholic Church, yet their influences on their respective cultures they ruled over where very similar in results, yet allowed to be distinct only on populous policies. The financial and banking interests at the time, as now, played a pivotal role in the running of the European Monarchies and both corruption and insider dealings played a role. Thinking that the two churches were completely sovereign, despite what we have been taught, from one another, does not take into account the actions of the oligarchs behind the scenes. Religion has always been used to economically manipulate and control the masses. Ignoring that in my opinion is naïve and the preponderance of evidence sides with my view.

          • Andrew Patton says:

            That’s because King Henry VIII broke off from the Catholic Church when they would not approve of his adulterous marriage, and he had to justify his actions to the people, lest they overthrow him.

          • RobertSnodgrass says:

            We can only know God through faith in our soul. Although God loves us and wants us to love, honor him, He certainly does not need us for anything as He is of course God and our love, honor, faith in Him, if it is to be true at all, must be by our own choice. The greatest thing we can hope to achieve in this life, in fact the only real achievement anything more than superficial, is to know God and love others. If we are so faithless that we absolutely must satisfy our intellect, all we need to intelligently know is that faith cannot require evidence, and where their is evidence there can be no faith, for What honor or faith is there in believing something that is evident?

          • Joffan says:

            You have responded dogmatically to a conversation that was not about God.

            What honor is there in faithfully believing something that is contradicted by evidence?

            Belief in God does not require you to turn off your critical thinking faculties.

          • RobertSnodgrass says:

            Christianity, Is not really a philosophy. It’s is a faith in Jesus in our soul. Sure the Bible is full of great philosophy, but also so much more, including a lot of real ancient history. If you pick it up to read like a book of poetry or something it is nothing more than an academic study of written words. If you are capable of true faith in your soul, and you choose faith in Jesus the Bible can speak to your soul. If you sit down to read it to decide if you want to believe, from my experience you will probably get more questions than answers. Even the best theologians have major discrepancies in there interpretations, and if you ask me in some areas, who knows really. Technicalities are not critical you will understand if you have faith in God, truly, I expect you will begin a growing personal relationship and understanding that will be not quite like anyone else’s. no matter if you memorize every Bible verse through and through and study up and down every word and think you know and understand everything…we cannot ever do or achieve with the tiny limited capacity of our carnal fleshly brain what can only be done with the only part of us that really means anything, the much greater limitless realms of our soul.

          • fritz says:

            Hi Rabbi , How it comes , you “assertively” confuse Christian spiritual Knowledge & Jewish PSYCHOLOGY , deceitfull upgraded to “Philosophy” ?

        • RobertSnodgrass says:

          It is also a lot more than a mere philosophy, as I think you know.

          • Harry Skip Robinson says:

            There are many differing opinions about the life of Christ. I chose to believe those things that are logical and rational in nature. Believing that anyone can walk on water or miraculously cure people is not rational thought. Believing that he believed in truth, justice and human rights is rational to me. Many want to continue and believe all the hocus pocus stuff written about Christ. There is no magic or devil that can be scientifically proven. It is the devious amongst mankind that are the devils, and they are real live people that will lie and mislead you for personal benefit. Why people are willing to misrepresent Christ’s life is the real debate. Why were ancient religions willing to sacrifice their fellow human beings to the Gods? Why are some people so devious and why are some people so good when it does not appear to have anything to do with their religion? For God Sake George Bush and Abe Lincoln quoted biblical text and Lincoln was an atheist and George Bush is still lying to the American people.

        • Andrew Patton says:

          Yes it is, if Jesus is not risen from the dead. The Bible says that if Jesus is not risen, Christianity is worthless and Christians are the most pathetic people in the world.

    • Michael Deloatch says:

      Well if the Byzantines rapped while they pillaged the world, good on them. Not just anyone could extemporize scatologically in the aorist tense to a rhythmic beat.

  19. Chris Ritchie says:

    “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”
    – Luke 18:8b

    Interesting to see the comment thread here on a Biblical article. I feel compelled to write a defense for the Christian side to oppose the Godless you would have you believe that they are in the majority when they are a decidedly small minority.

    The word of God and His Son Jesus are attacked at every turn. Never mind the disclaimer at the top of the article stating that 85% of the U.S. still identifies as Christian. No, the unbelieving still feel the need to demonstrate their supposedly superior intellect by denigrating the majority as the unenlightened ignorant masses.

    Granted some of those masses may be less than Rhodes scholars, but whole populations don’t continue to propagate and reproduce known lies century after century. Christianity is still on the rise in many other countries such as China precisely because of the universal truth of its Truth Claims.

    The armchair atheists here should spend some time with missionaries in the field. Christ proved himself during his time on earth through signs and wonders and continues to do so by signs and wonders where they are warranted. Furthermore, faith and belief can only be accessed by the Spirit of God and those to whom God wishes to reveal Himself. God’s word stated it very clearly:

    “for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”
    – Hebrews 11:6b

    For those that are on the fence, pay no attention to these other comments. Be smart enough to go to God directly. Pray! Check the credentials of the naysayers on this board? Have they earned the right to speak through sacrifice or privation? To what do they appeal as authority? Eyewitness accounts? Be very skeptical because these are the liars who wish to tear you away from the truth of Jesus Christ. His name is an offense to them because they don’t want to face His judgment at their deaths. They want an unaccountable life. But Jesus said He came that we might have life more abundantly. That abundant life is spiritual because God the Father is Spirit and seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. And what is that Truth? That Jesus Christ is Lord. This is what the Disciples were preaching that was considered so heretical to the Jews for obvious reasons but also to the Romans who considered Caesar a god. Are you getting that? Jesus = Lord = God!

    Also, go to God’s creation. It is prima facie evidence of the proof of God’s existence as Creator. And for those who claim to love God, but don’t believe Jesus, here’s what God’s word says about it:

    Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. 23 Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.
    – 1 John 2:22-23

    Please read the rest of chapter 2 in 1 John. Also, read the Gospel of John, Chapter 5.

    This isn’t Gnosticism (a known heresy) but God is Spirit and can only be accessed through your own spirit:

    “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”
    – 1 Corinthians 2:14

    So, these other people are to be pitied. They don’t know God. They reject the Son, Jesus. They will not inherit eternal life. Remember that Christianity has survived and thrived for almost 2,000 years now. Many scholars have come and gone who also testify to the truth of the claims of the Bible. The truth of it is demonstrated through the creation we see around us, the eye witness testimony of those who walked with Jesus, the signs and wonders that accompany those who speak in Jesus name to this day, and finally the martyrdom of some who would not willingly die for a lie, but only the truth.

    Peter himself said this:

    “For we did not follow cunningly devised
    fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus
    Christ, but were eyewitnesses of His majesty.”
    – 2 Peter 1:16

    These were smart men. They knew what they saw. They knew what they were saying. They knew what it would cost them – martyr’s deaths.

    So who are you going to believe? Thomas Aquinas? Augustine? Thomas Merton? G.K. Chesteron? Charles Spurgeon? Charles Stanely? Peter, John, James – the brother of Jesus?

    Or Harry Skip Robinson? or Shaz? Or Farang? Who are they? What have they done or written? What are their claims to truth?

    In the end we must all decide for ourselves based on the evidence and the testimony of witnesses. We will all die, of that we can be sure. Just be sure you’ve worked out your own answers and not fallen for the clever deceptions of anonymous haters of God. Your eternal soul is at stake. God gave you the choice. It’s up to you.

    “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
    Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!”
    – Psalm 34:8


  20. cherylmeril says:

    This kind of article is what one would expect from an arrogant non-believer who thinks he knows it all. This blogger has no credibility to be declaring such things while using Jesus name in vain. It shows how unwise and impulsive he is to be writing such things about Jesus Christ he has no idea about whatsoever. This kind of free will of a non believer who does not accept Jesus as their Savior, nor the Holy Spirit, nor reads the Bible regularly, has any authority to be making such ridiculous claims that are out of context for the purpose of the sinner’s own political agenda.

  21. liberman says:

    Jesus wasn’t murdered…
    Matthew 26:28, “For this is my blood of the new testament,
    which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Elaborated here:

  22. hvaiallverden says:


    hurmf, what do people talk about.
    The atricle is in essence correct, but mutch of the comentarys regading religion is NOT.

    Like the swastika, witch is far more ancient than what people actually persive, it pre dates everything.
    Even the cabbala is merly an two dimentional prodjection of and far older image, the seven arrows.
    With is the same as the swastica, but the swastica is NEVER picktured correctly, its suspende with and senter core.
    The foundations of the reality we persive.

    You really dont know anyhting do you, religion have been present since time immemorial.
    The sun is the father, its light initiates the posibility, our Mother earth, gives us the potentiale.
    Its fundamental, is every aspect.
    Not only dont you understand the reson for religion at all.
    Nope you infact knows nothing of wurth anyway.

    The reality is mindboggeling more complex than what you infantile mind is capable to grasp, its also packed, and everything, everything is light.
    Everything is living life, but our mind is like our vision.
    Limited to an smal band is consciousness.

    If you cant gett ridd of the past, to not lett it collor your present, then the future will be like the past, and an never ending circel is established of pain and sorrow.
    The past grasp of the presnt must be changed, otherwise the futures potentiale will never be releasen to its full.
    What the f…. is the problem.

    Why is this simple sett of rules druwned in drivell.
    People clingh to drivell, and dont wana tuch the rule.
    NOBODY is more blind, than people that refuces to see.
    In a world where light is feared.

    What more is there to say.
    Thread lightly, respect everything, love life, and when you die, thure a life acordingly, be shure you can look forward to in peace, there is no one that can demand more than this from a man/woman.
    AND you have pleased our creatore.
    May truth and justice be your guiding light.


  23. Olvar says:

    I guess you’ve covered the moneychangers adequately (barely) considering the number of big themes you tried to cover, but many who read this are going to come away with a distorted picture because of what has been left out.

    Temple moneychangers filled a vital role—when they were acting honestly. Money used for the Temple could not portray an idol, so if you had a coin with Cæsar’s picture on it, you had to ‘change’ your money before you could give alms or purchase a sacrifice. If you did not live locally, hauling a sheep over a few day’s journey was problematic, so many would buy their animals after they reached Jerusalem. It was easy to take advantage of travelers who were in town for only a few days and lacked options to shop around for a different supplier. Additionally, if you gave the changer a Roman coin of a certain weight, you might get a Temple coin in exchange that had the edges filed off, reducing its actual weight/value.

    When an article is framed to draw on religious ethics as this article does, it is a glaring omission when the word SELFISH is never mentioned as the moneychangers’ motive. Yes, they were breaking many rules about justice and using honest balances, but the BIG ONE is that they were putting themselves first, even before God.

  24. noidols says:

    the guy should have been killed for breaking the laws of Passover, lying, coveting and not correcting someone when they stated that he was a god. Fortunately, he is a collaboration of a few people of the time and doesnt really exist, seeing how God’s anointed came 500 years before this chump.

  25. fritz says:

    Nice CONFESSIONES of “Spirit-driven MATERIA” . Some of the “One-folded Livelyness of the “SOUL” , which , although “spiritual SUBSTANCE” , – lack spiritual “KNOWLEDGE” . — Imprisoned in “her” Relation with MATERIA , “spiritual KNOWLEDGE” for “her” , is preserved for a “higher ENTITY” , – “invisible” GOD ; or whatever Name , individual Souls invented . [Spiritual Developement is impossible by “starring & smashing MATERIA” , even when MATERIALISTS find some “Mechanisms” , and memorize them as “Science” !] — JESUS , the “CHRIST” , had promised , to “send the “SPIRIT” ” , to guide us “humans” in “Our heavenly’s FATHER’s” — “ETERNITY” ! >>> The Prize !?! ) Responsible & accountable “SELF – Reflection” !!!

  26. George N.C. says:

    Now, one of the stark differences between the Muslims and Christians is that the former believe that Jesus was NOT killed (and the one crucified on the cross was a Jesus look alike) while the latter believe that Jesus was killed by being crucified and rose from the death.
    This article gives credence to biblical teaching while rubbishes the quranic teaching!!

  27. LadyBug986 says:

    I stopped reading this article when I noticed that the bible quotes were not from the true bible. The King James version of the bible is the true word of God and these Bible quotes are from new versions which are not the word of God. Heed his warning, Revelation 22:18 For
    I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this
    book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him
    the plagues that are written in this book:
    if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy,
    God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the
    holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. A more in depth explanation is in this video of why new versions are NOT the word of GOD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFtI_mVOXbQ For the sake of your soul, don’t be fooled by false scripture.

    • James53 says:

      The King James bible is an abomination. Perhaps the most inaccurate of all the major translations, intentionally manipulated to support the predatory ambitions of the corrupt pedophile king who commissioned it. In places, though, beautiful poetry.

  28. JonConibear says:

    85% of Americans are less than an 8th grade reading level. Too bad they can’t understand what you just lied about.

  29. JonConibear says:

    For God so loved the world….. He did what?

  30. Wello Seed says:

    One needs to be really careful when you write about the LORD (Yud Heh, Vav, Heh) (or print articles that claim to be about Him). The purpose of the LORD Himself coming in the form of a man was to lift the curse of sin and death which was brought through the first man Adam’s sin. To say the reason He died was because He challenged the greedy infrastructure, is APOSTASY, and there is negative consequences for this, which are INEVITABLE. The only way to stop this is to repent and clarify. You don’t want to give the devil any “ammunition.” To say those powers were held by “roman retainers” is BLASPHEMY. The LORD decides who will live and who will die. By not communicating the Chief reason for His crucifixion, which was reconciliation to God the Father, by He Himself (The Son) paying for it ( A lamb without blemish) creates a void of Purpose. Which is exploited. Only through God’s power can the devil be fully defeated. And the call to action has left out the winning strategy. THE NAME OF YEHOSHUA MUST BE LIFTED UP, like the image of the snake in the desert to repel the curse of snakes. Since HE HIMSELF became a curse for us, as to destroy its power over us. So why was leave this out. The same reason Jim Jones did what he did. He wants salvation to come from his own works. He is still trying to gain approval (as if he’s done something, or can do anything). Down deep somewhere in the author’s being he needs God the Father to release him of trying to prove what he can’t. Over time the only thing that will be proven is the failure that comes from trying to manipulate people via abuse of scripture vs. the ABSOLUTE power that comes from COMPLETE faith in Yehoshua HaMaShiach’s COMPLETE work. It is finished. When that FAITH is made complete in any person, then the power of the devil is made void. In His Will and in His Way.

  31. Amelia67 says:

    About that (snarky) preface: Many atheists know more Bible verses than many Christians. In fact, they often know more about Christianity or Judaism (or both) than many believers. That’s sometimes exactly why they’re atheists.

  32. Guess what says:

    Here is someone standing up to the money changers. NY Judge in Largest Bankruptcy Case in History Receives IRS & SEC Whistleblower Filing http://tinyurl.com/jw4ebf3

  33. Lentenlands says:

    The Bible clearly states that Jesus intended to and did give His life willingly as a sacrifice for the sins of the world that we might become sons of God. The anger and wrath of the bankers and religious leaders notwithstanding; He is the Creator who made all and the Savior who saves all who come to Him. He is the only Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the Lord God Almighty. Come to Him, all you who are heavy laden, and He will give you rest.

  34. Awesome and good working and very much helpful for me thanks a lot…
    Clipping Path

  35. Dawg_em says:

    But many say there is virtually no place in salvation for works. Clearly this view is opposed to scripture.

  36. Dawg_em says:

    Clearly we must do justice. But Jesus confronted those who were charging exhorbitant amounts of money for the purchase of doves to be sacrificed in the temple. This greed directly affected the ability of people to worship.

  37. allmhuran says:

    What? The point of the incident was merely to keep banking out of the sacred place of worship. Jesus would have acted similarly had the temple been used for garage and rummage sales. That’s it. He was trying to point out that we must obey the ten commandments by honoring our Father in heaven. It had nothing to do with insurrection and confronting the banking system as an institution.

  38. Joe M says:

    There is an abundance of websites, all devoted to claiming to know and understand the Scriptures. Explaining it away and rationalizing right and wrong. But still. The majority of them do not have a clue as to what it means to follow Christ. The hypocrisy of men is so great in the world today, that many so-called believers are no more saved than an atheist. It is impossible to label GOD’s standards. Even though churches will continue to try. A person who truly walks in Christ does not profess to be a Christian. Because that name has been driven into the sewer thanks to the many fools in the world that have segregated all churches. The Scriptures represent a starting point. Comparable to Jesus teaching His disciples. Once he died and rose, that symbolizes shutting the Holy Bible and literally living with the Spirit of GOD in your life. Guiding you from the on. Your life is no longer your own. If you are someone who continues to live like everyone else, that is, by your own will, then you are not living with the Spirit. You have not reached that point. All churches are still stuck in the teaching phase. Teaching people little by little from the Scriptures every week. But not a single member has ever “graduated” to the point of receiving the Holy Spirit. Because to look at their lives, they still look like the same ole atheists working 9 to 5, buying fancy cars and nice clothes. Joining social clubs. Sitting around playing video games. Filling their hearts with the world. I TELL YOU THIS. Unless you empty your heart and let GOD fill it with His Spirit, you are still ON YOUR OWN. You are turned away from Him. This includes all pastors and any other human being who just doesn’t have a clue. If you think I am wrong, look at Jesus’ life. And how He chose to live it. He left His worldly life behind. He told others to do the same. Many would not. What about you? You willing to PROVE to Him that you are willing to die for Him like He did for you? Leave your life behind. Kill whatever is in your heart. Stop loving what’s in the world. It only keeps a divider between you and GOD.

  39. jeff says:

    always amazes me when I read comment section. Anytime subject of Jesus is brought into the topic(this case, moneychangers) we always find tons of comments from those who claim Christ but somehow want to keep the Jew god(Satan/adversary) in the picture as the Father or incarnate in Christ himself.By doing so they deny Christ unknowingly. This is yhwh/jehova/Satan’s(the adversary) deception in the Hebrew texts. Simply to get you to deny Christ for him(yhwh/satan). the Jewish encyclopedia even tells you that yhwh/jehova is the adversary known as Satan and anti Christ who the tribes of Israel and Judah made human sacrifice too. You would have to search hard for this literature published 1904 by funk and wag all, volume 8, page 653. However, even online Jewish encyclopedia claims the same under molech as that is who yhwh/jehova is. I am not saying this, the Rebbi ( over 400 of them) tell you this. Of course the fake Christians will jump up and down yelling anti Semite for me saying such things in order to protect their Jewish masters and the twisted, perverted doctrines they believe and are taught. Here I will prove what I say using a half passed KJV BIBLE that they worship as opposed to Christ himself. Anyone wishing to try to prove me wrong may feel free to do it in the same manner(sola scriptura) which means simply their bible (scripture of KJV) only and no other liturgy allowed as they believe this book to be the “words of god himself written by god inspired men) Truth is that yhwh is not god at all and all of his prophets are false prophets. Early orthodox Christianity did not take these texts literally as they knew they were corrupt and it was not used as the basis for the faith. The foundation for the faith was simply in “the ressurection of Christ” and was in the mass itself. The rest of the concepts were deemed to be very questionable (a conspiracy)and there set aside for what they were…be. The Christians of today focus on the story of the crucifiction(misspelled intentionally on my part) an eat this Jewish nonsense up like a hungry dog leading them right back to “old scratch”. Please by all means try to do what I have requested make a blasphemous attempt to prove this incorrect) without denying ChristThose who believe that Jehovah is the only true God say that the New Testament does not contain arguments that prove the contrary. We are going to present various clear proofs that Jehovah is not the true God.

    1. Jehovah elected Moses as a mediator between god and men (Ex.3:12-18). Paul tells us, though, that there is only one mediator between men and God, Jesus Christ, a man (1 Tim.2:5). Jesus is the mediator of a better covenant, which is established in better promises (Heb.8:6). Being Moses the mediator of the Old Covenant, that Covenant could not be the Covenant of the Father. Moses was then the mediator between angels and men, and not between God and men (Gal.3:19). It is obvious that Paul’s revelation is that Jehovah is not the Father, but that he is a false God.

    2. Jehovah called himself king of this world and king of Israel, in the following portions of the Bible:Ps.47:2,7-8; 22:28; 96:8-10; 99:1; 1 Chr.16:31; Jer.10:7; 43:15. Now, Jesus and the Father are one, that is, whatever the Father is, Jesus equally is. But Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36; 10:30). Therefore, Jehovah was from below, and Jesus, from above, as we read in John 8:23. Jesus was revealing here that Jehovah was not the Father.

    3. Jehovah manifested himself in darkness, on Mount Sinai (Deut.4:11-12; 5:22-24). “So the people stood at a distance, while Moses approached the thick cloud where God was” (Ex.20:21). Jesus manifested himself in light, on a mountain (Matt.17:1-2). Whoever came near where Jesus was, came near the light, not near the darkness (John 8:12; 12:46). John also says that there is no darkness in the Father (1 John 1:5). It is obvious that both Jesus and John were revealing that Jehovah is the angel of darkness, or the “domain of darkness” of Col.1:12-13.

    4. Jehovah bore sons to the flesh, as the following verses register: Ezek.16:20; 23:37; Deut.28:53; Ps.127:3. Jehovah begot Isaac, Esau and Jacob, Samson, etc. (Gen.21:1-2; 25:19-23; Judges 13:3-5). Those born of the flesh were sons of Jehovah, as we have read in Deut.14:1; 32:18-20; Is.1:2; 30:9; 63:7-8, etc. Paul, however, reveals that those who are born of the flesh are not children of God(Rom.9:8). John taught from God the Father, saying, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but God” (John 1:12-13). Jehovah also declared himself “the god of the flesh” in Jer.32:27. So, the children of Jehovah are not the children of God the Father, nor of Jesus, but of a stranger.

    5. Jehovah personally dictated the Ten Commandments, as Moses says in Deut.4:10-14. The people, then, saw Jehovah (Ex.24:9-11). And Jesus said that his people had never seen nor heard God, inJohn 5:37. Abraham saw Jehovah (Gen.18:1-7). Isaiah saw Jehovah (Is.6:1-3, 5). Paul states that no man has ever seen God, nor can see Him (1 Tim.6:16). It is obvious that Paul was revealing that whatever Abraham and the others had seen was not the Father, but a usurper.

    6. Jehovah sent Moses to say to Pharaoh, king of Egypt: “Let My people go, that they may serve Me”.This sentence repeats itself seven times (Ex.4:23; 7:16; 8:1, 20; 9:1, 13; 10:3). Jehovah demanded that men served him. The Levites formed a priestly family to serve Jehovah. In the book of Malachi, the last prophet of the Old Testament, we read: “So you will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him” (Mal.3:18). Paul, though, strongly declares in Acts 17:23,25 that God is not served by hands of men. Paul reveals here that the one who is being served by the hands of men is not the true God. The people of Israel believed that they were serving God, while they were really serving Jehovah. Paul, though, continues:  “However at that time, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those which by nature are no gods. But now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how is it that you turn back again to weak and worthless elemental things, to which you desire to be enslaved all over again? (Gal.4:8-9).

    7. Jehovah had only one family. “For you are a holy people to Jehovah your God; and Jehovah has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth” (Deut.14:2). “You only have I chosen among all the families of the earth” (Amos 3:2).Paul, in order to make it clear that Jehovah is not the Father, tells us, “For this reason, I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name” (Eph.3:14-15).

    8. Jehovah declares to be the devouring lion of Israel. “So I will be like a lion to them; like a leopard I will lie in wait by the wayside. I will encounter them like a bear robbed of her cubs, and I will tear open their chests; THERE I WILL ALSO DEVOUR THEM LIKE A LIONESS” (Hos.13:7-8). There are more scriptures where Jehovah calls himself “lion” (Hos.5:14; Lam.3:10; Amos 3:4-6, 8; Hos.11:10).Peter brilliantly uncovers the mystery of Jehovah as a lion: “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Pet.5:8).

    9. Eli commanded and fire came down from heaven twice, and killed one hundred and two soldiers. The fire came from Jehovah, as it happened in Sodom, and also to the sons of Aaron (Gen.19:24; Lev.10:1-2). James and John wished to repeat the feat, but Jesus rebuked them, saying: “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of”. With that, Jesus revealed that his spirit is not the same as that of Jehovah. And he also said, “For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them”. With these words, Jesus declared that Jehovah was and is the destroyer of souls (Luke 9:51-56). Jesus could not have been clearer in this revelation than he was.

    10.  Jehovah has always sought his own glory, a bad thing for a god, for, if, to a man, exalting himself is to reveal arrogance, to God, as a model that he is, he should not exalt himself. Jesus was born humbly, in a stable, and was always poor and despised (Is.52:14; 53:2-3). Jesus did not have a place where to lay his head, being so poor as he was (Matt.8:20). Jesus declared, “BUT I DO NOT SEEK MY GLORY; THERE IS ONE WHO SEEKS” (John 8:50). And he also said, “If I alone bear witness of Myself, My testimony is not true” (John 5:31). Jehovah did nothing but to testify about himself and to seek his own glory (Is.43:11, 13; 45:5; Deut.32:39; Is.14:27). We read about his glory: Is.43:7; 42:8; Is.48:11. Jehovah spoke so much on his name, on his glory, and on his power; and Jesus speaks back with the following words, to whomever has ears to hear, “He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who is seeking the glory of the one who sent Him, HE IS TRUE, and there is no unrighteousness in Him (John 7:18).

  40. jeff says:

    There are three theological currents. One of them claims that Jesus and Jehovah are the same person. Another claims that Jehovah is the father, and Jesus is the son. Yet another claims that Jehovah is a strange being who has elected himself, testifies of himself, suffers uncontrollable attacks of fury that are only appeased with blood: an odious and vindictive being, designer of evils and plagues that are incompatible with the Father revealed by Jesus, full of love, grace, forgiveness, who does not condemn anyone. If Jesus and Jehovah are the same person, their works in both the New and Old Testaments cannot be conflicting. If Jehovah were the father, and Jesus were the son, they could not have different plans for men, for Jesus declares that he and the Father are one (John 10:30). Let us observe them to see if there are spiritual affinities between the actions of Jehovah and Jesus:

    Jehovah is the god of the rich: “Jehovah’s blessing brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it” (Prov. 10:22). David declares that riches come from Jehovah (1 Chr. 29:12; 1 Kings 3:13; 1 Chr. 29:26-28). The God whom Jesus revealed as Father chose the poor to be heirs of the celestial kingdom (James 2:5). And Jesus advises not to gather treasures on earth (Matt. 6:19-20). Jesus told a rich man who wanted to follow him to sell everything he had, first, and then follow him (Matt. 19:16-21). Excluding the gifts of Jehovah, Jesus excludes Jehovah.
    Jehovah commands the swearing: “You shall fear Jehovah your God; and you shall serve him, and shall swear by his name” (Deut. 6:13). And Jehovah prophesies that in the future every knee shall bow, and affirms: “to me every … tongue shall take an oath” (Is. 45:23). Jehovah declares that in the new heavens and the new earth he is going to create men will swear by the true god (Is, 65:16-27). Jesus, on the contrary, declared: “Again you have heard that it was said to them of old time, ‘You shall not make false vows, but shall perform to the Lord your vows,’ but I tell you, don’t swear at all: neither by heaven, for it is the throne of God; nor by the earth, for it is the footstool of his feet; nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. Neither shall you swear by your head, for you can’t make one hair white or black. But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No.’ Whatever is more than these is of the evil one” (Matt. 5:33-37). Excluding the swearing, Jesus excluded Jehovah from the plan of the Father.
    Jehovah killed little innocent children. In a moment of unrestrained fury against his people, Jehovah declared that he was going to wipe them out with mortal darts, and that they would be destroyed by carbuncles and by bitter pestilence, devoured by wild animals, bitten by poisonous serpents, and also killed by the sword: young men, maidens, old men, and suckling children would die (Deut. 32:22-25). And Jesus proclaimed out loud: “They were bringing to him little children, that he should touch them, but the disciples rebuked those who were bringing them. But when Jesus saw it, he was moved with indignation, and said to them, ‘Allow the little children to come to me! Don’t forbid them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’” (Mark 10:13-14). When he saved the ones that Jehovah killed, Jesus excluded Jehovah.
    When he delivered the people of Israel from the Egyptian slavery, Jehovah took them to Mount Sinai and said to them: “You shall be to me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation” (Ex. 19:6). And he declared to his people: “I am Jehovah, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King” (Is. 43:15). Jesus, on the contrary, declared to Pilates: “My Kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). The declarations of Jehovah are compounded by the fact that John registered in his gospel the words of Jesus, saying: “He who hears my word, and believes him who sent me, has eternal life, and doesn’t come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life” (John 5:24). Therefore, Jesus excluded Jehovah, who founded the kingdom of the dead. When a Jew, member of the bankrupt kingdom of Jehovah, at the time when he believed in Christ, asked permission to go bury his dead father, Jesus told him: “Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead” (Matt. 8:21-22).
    At the time when the Law was given at Sinai, the law of vengeance was established, which says: “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound, and bruise for bruise” (Ex. 21:24-25). When Jesus established the law of forgiveness, he excluded Jehovah. The law of Jesus is: “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you don’t forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses” (Matt. 6:14-15). Jesus is excluding the law of the eye for eye through the law of forgiveness; therefore he excluded Jehovah.
    Jehovah sold his people because of their sins against the law. When they took possession of the Promised Land, as Jehovah did not fulfill his promise to cast out the perverted people from the land, the people of Israel mingled with the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Hivites, Perizzites and Jebusites by taking their women for their children and giving their daughters to their sons, and served their gods. Then the anger of Jehovah was kindled, and he sold them into the hands of Cushan-rishathaim, king of Mesopotamia. Israel was sold seven times, in just the period of the book of Judges (Judges 2:1-8, 12-14; 4:1-3; 6:1; 10:6-8; 13:1). The psalmist declares that Jehovah sold his people for a small price (Ps. 44:12). And Jesus bought them with his blood, the very ones whom Jehovah had sold; therefore, the cancelled the work of Jehovah (1 Pet. 1:18-19).
    Moses asked Jehovah, saying: “Please show me your glory.” Jehovah answered: “You cannot see my face, for man may not see me and live” (Ex. 33:18,20). And Jesus declared: “This is the will of the one who sent me, that everyone who sees the Son, and believes in him, should have eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day” (John 6:40). Those who see Jehovah, die; and those who see Jesus, live. Jesus was always excluding Jehovah.
    There were good and bad in the kingdom of Jehovah, clean and unclean, righteous and unrighteous. Jehovah sent rain over the good and the righteous, and withheld from unrighteous and bad (Amos 4:7-8). And the Father of Jesus sent rain over righteous and unrighteous, clean and unclean (Matt. 5:45). Therefore Jehovah loved less than the Father. With this declaration Jesus left Jehovah out.
    Jehovah is considered as God, and founded his kingdom in this world (Ex. 19:6). Jesus, however, declared: “The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it” (Luke 16:16). In another occasion Jesus said: “But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come to you” (Matt. 12:28). Jesus declared by this that the kingdom of Jehovah is not the kingdom of God; therefore he leaves out Jehovah.
    Jehovah made himself known to the men in the Old Testament, according to the prophet Ezekiel: “And say to them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; In the day when I chose Israel, and lifted up my hand to the seed of the house of Jacob, and made myself known to them in the land of Egypt” (Ezek. 20:5). If Jehovah declares that he revealed himself, no one can say the contrary. When the people ignored that, Jehovah insisted in make himself known.  “Therefore behold, I will this once cause them to know, I will cause them to know my hand and my might; and they shall know that my name is JEHOVAH” (Jer. 16:21). He said this to his people. And, if even the strangers knew him, how much more Israel! Here is what Jehovah declared: “I will record Rahab and Babylon among those who acknowledge me” (Ps. 87:4). Let us consider now the declaration of Jesus: “All things have been delivered to me by my Father. No one knows the Son, except the Father; neither does anyone know the Father, except the Son, and he to whom the Son desires to reveal him” (Matt. 11:27). When Jesus declares NO ONE, he means no one. Neither men nor angels. No one has ever known him before Christ. Neither Israel, nor Rahab, nor Babylon. John said: “No one has seen God at any time. The one and only Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he has declared him” (John 1:18).
    By these declarations Jesus excluded Jehovah, who made himself known through plagues, pestilences, curses, wars, captivities, vengeances and deaths. Jesus, however, revealed the true god, the God and Father, loving and savior of all (1 Tim. 4:10). He is this Father whom we know, worship, serve and glorify.

  41. Harry says:

    Jesus was a Jew, but he was not a Pharisee. The money changers were Pharisees, main doctrine was the Talmud. Look to see what Jesus called them in Matthew (bible)

  42. Spruce Cycle says:

    Joos worship the evil principle of existence just as the Goldman Sachs CEO said.

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