‘Maleficent’ movie review: Are ‘elite’ War Criminals, banksters, media liars pleading for Truth & Reconciliation?

2-minute trailer

Maleficent in 2014 is recast as a powerful being with every intention for a decent life, overcome with hatred after abuse and loss of angelic-like wings, but willing to rediscover love if it exists.

As the story offers, “evil is complicated” and “visions are seldom all they seem.”

In the end, Maleficent repents, and helps destroy those in power who choose continuing evil. Her actions polarize leadership, with results of victory and reconciliation. The kingdom unites in the choice of love with and for diversity.

Given our present of evil “leadership” in government, so-called “money” (really debt), corporate media, and ~100 other areas who annually murder millions, harm billions, and loot trillions, I wondered if this expression of controlled media is a plea for those among evil willing for Truth & Reconciliation.

For years, several of us in alternative media have predicted the obvious wedge between so-called elite (including their minions) committed to evil and those who would gladly accept Truth & Reconciliation given opportunity.

Many of us will make the case for Truth & Reconciliation; just bring us to corporate media. The main points, as I best see them:

  • The war for Truth will be won by ever-increasing comprehensive factual understanding of humanity. Those within evil “leadership” know this victory is in our immediate future.
  • Those involved in evil are in unique positions to shine light in places humanity most needs to see clearly.
  • All who ask for reconciliation should receive it in exchange for full Truth. The power of solutions allow those within evil to either help the 99% build a brighter future, or be allowed comfortable “retirement” from their careers in evil.

Of course, I could be totally wrong. The ordinary humans in the story are despicable; not at all like the 95%+ humans on earth who would embrace peace, freedom, and Truth given an informed choice. This could just as easily be a message of the opposite: “evil” is more cool and trustworthy than ordinary humans, and we should embrace such a kingdom. Or it could be something completely different.

And that said, we who are engaged in leadership for victory of Truth should keep in mind the split among the elite, look for opportunities to bring those willing onto the side for Truth, and use Truth & Reconciliation as a policy proposal for our victory of light.


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