5-minute video: Hanan Ashrawi’s powerful interview on Israel’s War of Aggression

5-minute video: Hanan Ashrawi interview

If Gandhi was the voice for India’s independence from British dictatorial control, Hanan Ashrawi is the voice for Palestine’s independence from Israeli dictatorial control. Her interview with ABC News cuts through spin with heart-felt detail of Israel’s continuous armed attacks on Palestine.

Dr. Ashrawi has been a member of Palestine’s Parliament, has her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, and has been honored with international awards for peace, human rights, and democracy:

As so many of us in alternative media document, Israel’s hostile military siege over land, sea and air since 2006 is an unlawful Act of War. Combined with brutal armed attacks not even close to lawful, Palestine is the world’s largest concentration camp.

Because war law is so crystal-clear, arrests of US/UK/Israel “leaders” is the only ethical demand of an informed and free public. Without arrests, these unlawful armed attacks and crushing economic starvation from siege will continue.

Indeed, when arrests come, we’ll recognize the Emperor’s New Clothes’ analogy in the close of this tragic-comedy act.

Dr. Ashrawi’s heart, and academics’ clear documentation are all you need to move into the future of your choice in this policy area.

Think, speak, and take action with clear heart and mind: lives in this area depend on it, as do millions of lives crushed under similar policies.

Helpful documentation:

Are you demanding arrests (lawful stop) of US/UK/Israel wars, or do you prefer more suffering, death?

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