UN just like US Constitution: great law/limit gone forever until Orwellian-criminal ‘leaders’ arrested

A law is a limit of what actions are allowed among groups of people. Laws/limits are natural expressions to support group actions, such as rules to allow a sport to be played, having traffic going in the same direction on one side of the road for efficiency and safety, and community trash-pickup services with a day of the week to expect pickups.

The UN Charter and US Constitution are laws/limits upon government power to support what most people agree are essential outcomes for a national and international community: strict limitations on war, and upholding Natural Rights. The ideas of limited government and constitutional republic are central to American government and values. The very definition of “United States” is our constitution.

The American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, and US Constitution are all heroic expressions to keep government within clear limits because the alternative to limited government is unlimited government; that is, dictatorial power to do whatever is dictated/said.

Americans continue an Emperor’s New Clothes-like awakening that the UN Charter and US Constitution limits have long been rejected by our “leaders’” preference for dictatorial power. In use of military armed attacks, these violations are not even close to lawful. In this one area of law to limit governments from war-murders, it’s easy to explain and prove that US/UK/Israel armed attacks are OBVIOUS unlawful Wars of Aggression:

  • The UN Charter is an active treaty. It’s one and only area of legal authority is to prevent Wars of Aggression.
  • Article Six of the US Constitution defines a treaty as US “supreme Law of the Land;” meaning that US policy can never violate it.
  • Therefore, the UN Charter is US “supreme Law” to never use military armed attacks upon a nation in all cases except a narrow definition of “self-defense”: when another nation’s government attacks first.
  • The UK and Israel ratified the UN Charter over 60 years ago in agreement to its limits of armed attacks.

This treaty is the legal victory of all our families’ sacrifices in WW2 that makes Wars of Aggression/Wars of Choice unlawful. The still-active treaty after WW1, the Kellogg-Briand Pact is even stronger in language to forbid nations to ever use armed attack as national policy.

When US “leaders” egregiously violate almost every single limit to power within the Constitution, including UN treaty limits in endless wars, the meanings of the US Constitution and UN Charter are destroyed.

Those of us with Oaths to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” are honor-bound to expose and end these Orwellian crimes.

The US Constitution and UN Charter’s limits to government power are gone forever until such time as Americans:

  1. Realize their Emperor’s New Clothes position,
  2. State the OBVIOUS fact that US “leaders” are War Criminals engaged in Wars of Aggression (and UK, Israel, and other former imperial-power-crazed governments),
  3. Demand arrests as lawful response to restore those explicit limits to government power, stop the War Crimes, and prevent further war-murders.

US/UK/Israel lie-starting and unlawful Wars of Aggression for empire mirror the tragic-comic corruption of the Roman Empire. The future of these nations will mirror ancient Rome: decline into ever-greater oligarchic plutocracy, corruption, and eventual destruction in one form or another unless public demand intervenes.

Further evidence to support public demand for lawful arrests to stop the biggest crime on Earth (among ~100 crucial areas of crimes):


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