Most corrupt ‘teaching’ union ever: Democratic & Republican Parties unioned with corporate media

Teaching is the art and science of people seeing/learning reality for themselves. Once ignited, passion for learning becomes a life-long expression.

Our Orwellian world of the present witnesses a union of “leaders” in government and corporate media “teaching” the 99% public that what’s good are:

This Government/Media Union is not teaching, but herding the public into chosen areas of propaganda, as the above links easily explain, document, and prove. Government/Media “teaching” has an academic term thanks to Princeton Professor Harry Frankfurt’s best-selling book on this topic:


Democratic and Republican Party “leaders” with corporate media also increasingly “teach” us that what’s bad are teacher unionspublic education, and “non-accountability.”

As a public school teacher of 31 years, I offer these main points of current status:

  1. Public schools are squeezed of funding (who isn’t?), causing larger classes, fewer essential programs in the arts and extracurricular activities (the most fun part of school for many), and less support services. Contrast this reality with the Government/Media Union’s lies for forced austerity while literally sitting on taxpayer surpluses in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This is obscene fraud demanding immediate arrests.
  2. The goal of demonizing teachers, our unions, and our work seems to be privatizing education. This would tighten control over the message, and fire teachers “at will” rather than having to prove a teacher’s factual inaccuracy or bias over controversial topics.
  3. The message of “accountability” is embraced by all good teachers. And that said, when public education is being defunded by CAFR-looters requiring corporate media “coverage” while ignoring OBVIOUS solutions, and Government engages in lie-began war-murders, the Emperor’s New Clothes-obvious accountability we should first address is arresting Government/Media Union leaders to lawfully stop their wars, looting, and lies (among literally ~100 areas of serious concerns).

What to do?

Shine with your brightest light (and here).

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